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Bird4332 says:
12/14/2008 10:35 AM
There you go! I add 3 points for home court for the powerhouse conf. 2 points for mid-majors. 1for the little school. Duke or UNC ill add up to 5pts for them.

So with it being USF -2 you would then add 3 pts for home court and you get USF -5. Actual spread is -4.5 now... Technically if the pub stays under 63% your are supposed to follow the numbers and play what you come up with for your line.

KBrick84 says:
12/14/2008 12:31 AM
So if I'm reading it right...I'll use a game tomorrow for example...line is -4.5 SF

Team A - Niagra

Team B - South Florida


Niagra - 73af, 71aa

Sout FL - 58af, 43aa

So...73-58 = 15 & 71-58 = 13...difference being 2?

Do you then add in anything for home-court? It's not double the spread even though % is on SF...so becomes a no play at that point?

You use 75% as a number and Ragin uses 55% correct?

Bird4332 says:
12/14/2008 12:06 AM
I cant get into too much detail on here due to the fact this is way to hard to explain typing...
Bird4332 says:
12/14/2008 12:02 AM
College sports use home and away scoring to find your projected line. Just like in raging's thread say the ACTUAL line TEAM A is -2. Team A avg. 67 points and gives up 55. Team B avg. 60 points and gives up 68 pts. You subtract 60 from 67. Team A is -7 for the points they score. Then take 55 from 60 and Team A is -5 for points allowed. Add them together and you get a line of Team A -12. Now if the public is betting on Team A OVER 75% has weird as it seem you take TEAM B as the dog. Remember double the spread or more it become a play but you have to make sure the PUB is over 75%.
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