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Thesicilian0ne says:
10/29/2013 9:26 PM
Steel you posting plays this year? Always feel better when I see we on the same side.
BIGfnPOO says:
10/11/2011 12:04 AM
new zealand a lock to win rwc
camp23 says:
4/04/2010 10:01 AM
Happy Easter to you and your family......... Havent been around much lately, coaching soccer and anything with a ball haha Cya this WNBA season.. hey to try to save the WNBA league they should bring the entire UCONN team up to play for a few years... I have never seen such a strong team or is womans NCAA just that weak? Good luck my friend...
BiggDogg5n2 says:
11/25/2009 6:50 PM
Just wanted to stop in and wish you and your loved ones a Wonderful Thanksgiving...and say Thank-you for being so cool...God Bless you my friend....Steve

4/19/2009 3:45 PM
iam one of the best cappers , lets get it on
mets08wsc says:
3/16/2009 8:37 PM
i didnt take your pod but i took over 1st quarter pushed 49 and cats 1st half -4 easy now i got spurs under pending

my tennis wagers and over in caps game.

mets08wsc says:
3/16/2009 3:54 AM
No more locks here now they are called cupcakes lol

i got some good tennis plays maybe for tom?

cryhavoc says:
1/03/2009 4:24 PM
Happy New Year bro and wish you the best of 2009
camp23 says:
1/01/2009 11:17 PM
Happy New Year bro, be safe and have a great 2009.....

you're a class act and a great capper.... best of luck in the new year, Camp23

TampaTony says:
12/08/2008 12:12 PM
Steel, who you got for tonights MNF
TampaTony says:
12/03/2008 8:13 AM
Rod fuckin Steel. Man great call yesterday on Philly and Washington. You ARE THE FUCKIN MAN. Keep up the good work bro.
rod_steel says:
12/03/2008 4:00 AM
GT50k - I don't use IM that often to be honest
GetThat50k says:
11/25/2008 5:59 AM
hey rod, do you im? as much as i love covers, i prefer constructive exchanges of ideas moreso.
rod_steel says:
11/25/2008 2:11 AM
Sorry only saw your message now Jersey. I'll pop into the hoops forum every now and again and post plays I feel strongly about.
Jersey973 says:
11/16/2008 11:03 AM
Hey Rod. Hope your having a profitable weekend. I always look for your picks in the forums, but sometimes you dont post so i thought I would just ask you myself. Are you playing anything in the NFL or NBA today man?
wjeremy97 says:
11/05/2008 4:23 PM
keep it up rod
rod_steel says:
11/05/2008 4:47 AM
Sorry Hat wasn't able to respond yesterday, because of the election I took last night off
whereismyhat says:
11/04/2008 7:11 PM
You playing any sports tonight Rod?
rod_steel says:
11/01/2008 9:50 PM
One more for tonight

Trailblazers +9 over Suns (3)


rod_steel says:
11/01/2008 6:45 PM
A couple for the moment

o191.5 Pacers v Celtics (5)

O'Brien has set the stall early in the season that he will be persisting with the small lineup to allow the Pacers to spread the court for dribble penetration for layups or looks at 3 pointers. It was essentially the blueprint he used for the Pacers to rally in the last quarter against the Pistons in their opener. On the flipside the small lineup approach is going to create defensive issues for the Pacers so expect Both KG and Davis to run riot on second chance opportunities on the boards.

Magic -10.5 over Kings (3)

Whilst both teams will be desperate for a good performance tonight having both dropped their first two games, the difference here is that a 0-2 start was expected from the Kings whereas it wasn't for the Magic who were touted as Eastern Conference contenders. A lot of points here to lay for a team that has been shooting terribly however at home this is a perfect opportunity for them to get back on track tonight

Valtos says:
11/01/2008 4:51 PM
Hey bud

Rouen lost 72 - 70 but you got the cover!!!!!!!!

Good call

whereismyhat says:
10/31/2008 10:09 PM
Lets go Portland!
rod_steel says:
10/31/2008 9:56 PM
Rough start to the night, 1 more to try and minimise the loss for today

Blazers +2 over Spurs (5)


AttitudeEsq says:
10/31/2008 9:00 PM
Craptors looking poor after fast start.
rod_steel says:
10/31/2008 7:44 PM
Adding 1 more in the 8pm games:

Bulls ML over Celtics - (+520) (2)

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