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chedder bob
chedder bob says:
9/05/2011 6:26 AM
Been a long time camp. Whats up?
dennishopson says:
7/12/2010 3:07 AM
Hey Campy! Can't recall last time I crossed paths with you bud. Hope all is going well with you and your Summer. Obviously you're a Boise fan. Myself and a poster from here that goes but Mikado,...........well he and I are going to put some very strong effort into going to Va Tech's opener in Virginia to see them play Boise St. I'm for Boise St, and hoping that the linesmakers set the number badly by giving Boise 7.5-8 pts. I'm just guessing, but anything over a touchdown, and I'd hop on Boise. Many times over a couple decades though, similar situation. Home team that's well balanced, greats special teams and they play a pretty pass oriented school like this. I'd hate to see the Hokies run run run and make it an offensive line war......Anyway, it'll be fun.........Campy, we miss having you around, and you know who the "we's" are. LOL
rod_steel says:
3/15/2010 12:27 AM
What up camp haven't seen you around much lately.
JEG53 says:
11/18/2008 12:29 PM
welcome back steve,yeh I watch that game at work and would have taken the over if I had my work,lol

Not much D being played and 3s were the preffered shot of the day,I like the early games as you can get some good lines and it gets harder when they get into on your next play. Jim

camp23 says:
9/03/2008 11:11 PM
1-0 on the nite and after the month break..........

59-38 on the year so far........

BigEastExpert says:
8/04/2008 10:19 PM
Camp, are you tearing up that WNBA again? Nice work. See you during football season.

Big East

7/31/2008 2:07 AM
Forgetabout it camp. YOur one of the coolest posters on this site. ANyone who bad mouths you is a dousche.
Jalein says:
7/20/2008 12:27 PM
Thanks for the comment.

I like the way you carry yourself and I am learning a lot as to how you do what you do and why. I am noticing less volatility as I am starting to gravitate away from game lines focusing on the 1/2. Pounded Hou at the 1/2 and the under (not for sure which, but I hit). Anyway, I am looking forward to the shared communication and learning from you. I hope that I can throw you a bone someday in return.

Thoughts on today's games?

camp23 says:
4/21/2008 11:10 PM
From one of my fans this ones a keeper!!!!!!

Here is an FYI to all my fellow friends. I've been on this site for years but had to disguise myself today.

Our friend CAMP23 is the very same CAMPISI27 who ran off and started his own $500 to join forum. He steals are bets and posts them as his own on the site.

Got this monkey to let me join for free only to see he is online on this site, the same time he is online on his own site!

Only a true psychopath pretends he is someone he is not to pry on guys.

Sorry CAMP23! The jig is up you POSER!

TRoe15 says:
4/20/2008 3:28 AM
Camp -

Haven't seen you around in a while. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I miss college hoops already, and can't wait for it to be back.

I hope the wife and kids are doing well, and I look forward to seeing you around.

Hope all is well,


TIMBER9 says:
4/16/2008 6:23 PM
You the man Camp! I got him loaded up with your card. Thanks dude!
packersbackers says:
4/09/2008 11:02 PM
i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

thanks for the prison visit last week, i don't forget friends like you

steinyj says:
4/09/2008 10:41 PM
Camp, your a good dude. I hope you play bases! I need all the help I can get!
win-is-a-must says:
4/07/2008 6:07 PM
camp who you got tonight
LJCOOL says:
3/22/2008 9:15 PM
Your son is so cute!

Raiders huh...geez...well I feel your pain...when I'm not cheering for the other team is the Dolphins!

LJCOOL says:
3/19/2008 10:15 PM
What up Camp! Can't wait to see what you got for the big dance. I got USC earlier when the line was still low. Hope we end up on some of the same plays. BOL and hope you are feeling better.
LJCOOL says:
3/15/2008 11:55 AM
Thanks Camp. Right now I am only playing one game...thought you would be proud...and I'm going to the gym since I get bring my laptop with me (hmmm maybe I can...I should look into that).

I know Schuylkill...I graduate college from Bloomsburg U. BOL today and thanks for all the advice. Now if I could just learn to take it...

LJCOOL says:
3/14/2008 2:16 AM
Hey Camp...I grew up in chester county...Southeast of about you? I burned up some major money today, so be sure to let this broad know of any strong plays you have! Thanks man. BOL tomorrow.
LJCOOL says:
3/10/2008 9:14 PM
What up Camp? I did tail you on Rider...sadly one of my few wins of the win me money and I will send a hat no problem. I cheer for the Philly teams myself...born and raised in good ol' PA! Thanks for your picks and knowledge. I appreciate it!
TRoe15 says:
2/07/2008 7:44 PM
Jenna Galassi. Nice call.

Hope everything is going great for you camp. How are the kid(s)? (Don't remember how many you've got).

TRoe15 says:
1/10/2008 9:39 PM
Camp - How's it been going lately? I haven't seen you around too much. I hope there isn't any trouble in paradise.
AKChick says:
12/18/2007 11:09 PM
hey stranger -- taking a break for a while.... not feeling the b-ball mojo lately. Happy Holidays and good luck!
TRoe15 says:
11/22/2007 9:47 PM
Happy Thanksgiving camp. I hope it was a good one for you, your wife, and your children.

I'll have to meet your wife's sister sometime...

Jurassic2 says:
11/08/2007 2:28 AM
That was an awesome goal. The ball was right on the money.
camp23 says:
10/30/2007 5:12 PM
The film clip is of my nephew who plays high school soccer and made that kick that traveled to his teammate for the goal enjoy....
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