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cadberry says:
11/21/2008 8:21 PM
here is my card for sat....GL everyone

boise -6

tulsa -28.5

memphis -4

tx tech +7

utah -7

unlv -10.5

colorado st. -2

vandy -3

cadberry says:
11/16/2008 10:16 PM
didn't get to post my nfl plays but did ok, but

How bought my Titans!

10 - 0 great start to the year.....

cadberry says:
11/15/2008 12:37 PM
i'll be honest i don't like much of anything this week.......i went with a few for fun....

georgia -9.5

texas -13.5

and a four game teaser.....

texas -2

south carolina +33

Miss St. +34

Ok St. -5

might end up with a few more....

looking a little more at

UCLA -6.5

Kentucky -4

Oregon and

Oregon St.

thats it....don't like the card at all

cadberry says:
11/06/2008 12:23 PM
For plays this week.....

Penn St. -7 hook

Rice -10 hook

San Jose St. -6.5 hook

Arkansas +11.5

Houston -16

small plays

Boise St. -35

Arizonia -41

OU -28

Mizzu -27

cadberry says:
10/22/2008 7:54 PM
if anyone i'm leaning this the way did not post but hit teaser with ohio and under on tues...also hit under on tues.....and missed ohio+3.5 on tues.......on too the games at hand.........

only leans for now.......

Troy -24

Oklahoma -20

Ball St. -24

love bama -6.5

Ok St. +13 but want and really love @+14 or +14.5

Penn St. -2.5

Oregon -4

Ole Miss -5

Tulsa -24

MTSU +10

W Virginia -3

Nevada -3

Minn Pk

San Jose St. +7

USF -4

LSU -1

NC St. +10.5

TCU -31.5

maybe a few more.....maybe not......just my current leans........

bigdaddyhpd says:
10/19/2008 5:27 AM
very nice day bro good luck on Sunday.

I like your Titans but pulled back on taking them, but may get back on them.

cadberry says:
10/19/2008 5:08 AM
here is how they finished on sat.........

10-1 counting thur.


S Florida -24 WIN

Ok. St. -17 (hook) WIN

USC 1H -23.5 WIN

Ole Miss +12 WIN

Virginia +4.5 WIN

Nevada -22.5 WIN

Arkansas +7.5 WIN

LSU -3 (hook) WIN

Tulsa -18.5 WIN

Cal -2.5 LOSE

all in all.....a pretty good sat.....i will take that every week

cadberry says:
10/17/2008 4:27 PM
i have changed one or two.......

hit TCU on thur. WIN

S Florida -24

Ok. St. -17 (hook)

USC 1H -23.5

Ole Miss +12

Virginia +4.5

Nevada -22.5

Arkansas +7.5

LSU -3 (hook)

Tulsa -18.5

Cal -2.5

These are my final plays for this week NCAA

cadberry says:
10/13/2008 6:17 PM
tonight i went with a teaser.....

Giants -2.5

Over 37.5

cadberry says:
10/13/2008 4:47 PM
Other Note....that's were the new avitar came from>>>>>>>>
cadberry says:
10/13/2008 4:46 PM
If anyone has time to read the forum titled........"I am about to have my neighbor's car towed from my driveway".......that is one of the funniest read's on covers will take a while to read it all....i just skipped ahead and looked at all the original owners posts....other than the first few from everyone.......It is seriously funny
rexiv says:
10/10/2008 1:57 AM
hahahahaha--- now that was nice!!!
gwjtf says:
10/10/2008 12:34 AM
Can u believe the UH/UAB game? I don't remember a half time turnaround this year since UCLA came back against Tennessee!

Do u have a contact email for Shep? I'd like to be on his email list for analysis/pks, don't know if u'r still keeping in touch. He offers perhaps the best analysis I've ever seen on CFB games, and I'm talking about so-called professional handicappers as well as lay gamblers. Thanks.


bigdaddyhpd says:
10/09/2008 7:33 PM
Thanks for the props but I have my moments good and bad. I'm not always correct but I try my best to help.

No prob on the invite I'm always open to welcome good new friends esp one that likes golf & Tiger Woods.

Good luck this season my friend may it be a very profitable one for you

shepherd says:
10/09/2008 1:25 PM
was gonna mention the weather in the Utah game... but consider this... i kept looking at that line and wondering how it can possibly be staying under 24... at least now i know what's keeping it so low... and as long as there isn't too much wind or flurries i don't think it would be a huge factor... afterall, we're talking about a game that should be 45-3 if the weather is clear and sunny...
cadberry says:
10/09/2008 12:42 PM
Other games i am looking at........UL La, BYU 1H, Utah but the weather scares me....might wait on it till game day for the weather........, maybe small play on Fresno....Idaho might just be that bad....might be able to beat chattanooga., also like Cinn, Penn St.

Is Tx Tech that good or is Nebraska that bad?

shepherd says:
10/09/2008 12:23 PM
hey cad... check out what DW7 said on the Hou-UAB game thread... that is the one person who knows the truth... that thread he is talking about where i posted my picks and ripped into those clowns is the reason i got banned... it was only up for about 5 minutes and then they censored the hell out of me... not just that thread, but also on game threads, and even on political discussion threads... DW7 may be the only person who saw that before it was deleted...

and he is the only one who has given the correct answer to the question: Why was shepherd banned?

shepherd says:
10/09/2008 6:23 AM
like all 5 of your picks, for what it's worth... have money on all 5 of those games, and Houston, Georgia and Tulsa are three of my favorites...

see ya!

shepherd says:
10/09/2008 6:20 AM
one question you should ask yourself... if i am a tout, why was i posting so much on the political forums? i was banned while typing a lengthy post about the election... how many touts do you know that spend time discussing politics? what would be the point of that?

why can't anyone put this shit together for themselves and just make an assessment of someone based on what they have seen with their own eyes? did i ever come across to you as a tout on my thread?

here i have been constantly telling people not to be sheep... the whole theme was about teaching people not to be sheep, but to be shepherds (be ahead of the game... be ahead of the public)... i was educating people constantly... how is that toutish? i just don't get how anyone is buying this crap!

shepherd says:
10/09/2008 6:14 AM
when it's all said and done... people are still gonna be sheep and suck down whatever people tell them...
shepherd says:
10/09/2008 6:13 AM
i read your post on nos' thread... don't buy that crap you are seeing in the penalty box... i sent an email to several people clearing the air... i have no aliases... i am not a tout service... they just love tearing people down... people hate someone who is confident... but that's no reason for them to ban me... they were suckers! why would i make up posts pretending to have a following where there were lots of people like you who were established and were following me?

whatever... believe what you want...

cadberry says:
10/08/2008 9:11 PM
also leaning arkansas........auburns O is one of the worst i have seen
cadberry says:
10/08/2008 9:09 PM
if anyone leans this week are houston, tulsa, penn st., and georgia.....looking at a few others.......but so far this is my leans....i went with the under on tues. good start to the week
shepherd says:
10/08/2008 12:53 PM
all evidence of my picks are gone, except for you and a few other people i sent them out to... they want to make it look like i was never here...
shepherd says:
10/08/2008 12:51 PM
now they are even erasing my posts on the game threads... but only the ones that show my picks... think about that... they don't want anyone to see me go 7-2 this week, because they know people will be up in arms...

i hope people start a revolution over this... i can't believe this shit! these people are regulating their site, and this is how they do it... i'm in shock...

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