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empire13 says:
2/15/2009 10:41 PM
Man , we are gonna hang 70 on Tennessee . Kiffin wn't last for more than 2 full seasons up there . The kid is in over his head .

Do you know if they got that TCU game finalized ? I heard some UTAH rumors , but I guess Urban did'nt want to play them or something cause it would be too tough emotinally for him right now ? Either way , Foley needs to schedule games with bigger schools . Even if we have to sacriface a home game like Georgia did last season to play Arizona St. . If they moved the Georgia game to a real home & home then we could play Big Schools easier , cause we could do a cross country away game . But Foley does NOT want to give up a home game and the Cocktail party fucks it all up .

Go Gators !

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