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JBC says:
8/14/2011 4:38 PM
I accepted the friend offer. Hopefully we can make some money this year.

1. I'm not sure what the overall all record was but it was hitting around 59 to 60 %

2.The RLM movement has to be 1 point or grater and the higher the public % is the greater chance you have of winning.

3. I also have a system with public percentages.

simmsavs says:
12/12/2007 11:33 PM
NBA King man.........way to do it, i've been doing very well too, and only sticking to dogs on the spread and moneyline in the NBA!! Lets see some support on that, would like to see ya try out that site man, and let me know what you think, and how it compares to what your using, let me know.


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