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bigdaddyhpd says:
11/19/2008 1:14 AM
I'll be on my family vacation for 2 weeks bro starting Thursday so behave yourself. lol just kidding

From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!!!

bigdaddyhpd says:
10/22/2008 5:00 PM
No thanks needed as usual my friend. I don't blame you for not coming on the threads as often there are so much hatred and "newbies" in there patting themselves on their back I'm surprised they are not I just go on there to post what I think to try and help while the "newbies" go on there to seek attention as it seems.

Anyway good luck as usual my friend I'm going to stay away from the Turs & Fri games due to the luxury of hitting on the Tues under I can afford to wait till Sat for better match ups.

Good luck on your buckeyes my friend. Nearly went against them last week but sure glad I stayed away from that one.

bigdaddyhpd says:
8/18/2008 3:34 PM
Aloha my brother,

Nice to see that you still got my favorite avatar pix up. No matter how many times I've seen seen it that pix still cracks me up.

Good luck this season bro and I'll see you on the threads


saberjake says:
1/08/2008 11:26 PM
i am already looking forward to the game next year my trojans and your bucks, its gonna be a classic.
bigdaddyhpd says:
1/08/2008 2:51 PM
No problem my friend.

But I did state on the thread that the Ohio St team does play 60 min of football and not all teams can say that so be proud of your boys.

That's a young team my friend that started the season not even being thought of being in that game and look where they ended up. That same team will be there again no doubt about it.

Keep your head up my friend and be proud of the Buckeyes. Whenever you feel sad just look at me I'm a freaking Dolphin that sucks.

Good luck my friend

saberjake says:
1/08/2008 11:03 AM
sorry about you bucks bro.
scorpioTD! says:
11/25/2007 2:26 AM
I am taking Seattle -3...check out my write-up on that thread if you want...

Also took NYG -6.5 (bought a point)...and Jax on the half-times and no totals...

that's all for the early games!!

bigdaddyhpd says:
11/19/2007 1:50 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family my friend.
hawkeyefan1433 says:
11/11/2007 11:39 AM
Man, right when I jump on aboard, you guys throw me right off. Well tough loss yesterday for you guys.
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