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TheosGame says:
10/12/2008 7:33 PM

osirus i have to give you credit for your gut feeling on becket not being good for game 2, he was bad, and cost red sox, as kazmir was/is off as well,

red sox scored enough to go up 2-0, but rays got it done in extra's, to tie the series 1-1. i like lester a lot on monday, game 4 who knows, but what worries me more, is becket not even being close to him self.

as you said,

i thought he would be good, maybe not great, but good enough to win, and i was mistaken,

good call by you. good luck on the series, and all ur action.

TheosGame says:
10/09/2008 8:09 PM
the talk around boston is that becket is good, the team has him pitching the second game so i think that shows the team feels he is good, but even so, the series if very close, and the odds reflect that.

so there is a good basis for taking either side, so if you like the rays, good luck with your action, you allways have to bet what you like,

never bet what someone else's opion is, as its your hard earned money at risk.

i would not even post if i thought anyone based action on what i shared, its just one players opion out of many sharring here.

this series is very close, and if you bet it, bet the team you like, and i wish you good luck in all your aciton. i am feeling red sox get it done, and dodgers, and thats where my action is for the series bets. thats just me, cool

TheosGame says:
6/09/2008 9:33 AM
celtics won nice in game 2, made us some green$
TheosGame says:
6/06/2008 3:01 PM
Celics won nice in game 1, lookin for another win in game 2 at home..

Celtics at plus 170 for the series was sweet value. GL

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