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spottie2935 says:
5/17/2009 3:17 PM
Good luck to your Wings. should be a great series. glad one of us is going to represent our conference.
spottie2935 says:
6/07/2008 12:55 PM
Congrats to you and your Wings.
spottie2935 says:
5/27/2008 2:22 AM
Well your Wings are HOT! Half way home and looking very good! I will be happy for both their net minders when they win 2 more. Wow Ozzie 2 shutouts in 2 games. That is top notch. The Wings deserve the Cup no doubt about it! Happy for ya !
brianx says:
5/05/2008 9:28 PM
Pucks great game last night between the Stars and Sharks. But had the Sharks ML. Great to be on board with ya buddy.
spottie2935 says:
5/04/2008 6:48 PM
I can not speak with you anymore! Simply because you are a wing fan. I moved to vegas in August 2006. I work at a top Hotel here and I love every day of my life!
camp23 says:
4/24/2008 8:13 PM
You are too funny man.... thanks for hitting my wnba thread ...

continued success my friend...

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