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thisistheyear27 says:
5/02/2015 1:07 PM
sorry, i screwed up my picks in the office pool
Fusilli-Mondo says:
7/30/2014 11:25 AM

You have been invited to join an upcoming Office Pool.

Message From Derrick : Hello Fellas! We're doing another Battle Forum to end the Baseball season. The first one was a success! One rule change this time. Minimum picks will be 20 for each battle. It wasn't an issue last time but we want to make sure going forward that each battle remains competitive. We increased the entry fee to $15 to offset the cost of the Trophy. Trophy will run around $50 or so. Champ will be paid 88% of the Prize Pool and Runner Up 12%. Mondo is the current Champ! Can he Repeat? Let's find out! .

Commissioner: smoothd20

Contest: Battle Forum II

Password: Jeter

Start Date: August 25,2014

End Date: September 29,2014

poolboy says:
4/26/2014 2:32 PM
Nice goin' in NBA Playoffs...keep it up!
nobrainer says:
3/04/2014 1:03 PM
Dog, thanks, really enjoyed our battle in the last one too! GL the rest of the way!
Dogjimbo says:
1/25/2014 8:20 PM
You are on fire in the NBA.... Slow down. :)
poolboy says:
11/25/2011 11:26 PM
Hit some RF plays in CBB today...Ohio, Morgan St. and C. Florida!!
poolboy says:
8/06/2011 12:32 AM
Not getting every game...but 19-8 in the pool!!!
poolboy says:
8/06/2011 12:30 AM
HOLY SHIT!! Everyone said you were a goner!! Even the expatriate "Wagerliner" site! Glad it's not so...PLEEEZ refresh the rules/parameters for a RED FLAG play...I've been picking what I believe I remember qualifies in Greenies' best play of the day pool
greeneyeddevils says:
6/21/2011 3:55 PM
Glad to see you're still around buddy...don't know what I'd do without your pools or comments on games...the NCAA FB season is around the corner..looking forward to it...drop me a line...Green
webba says:
2/09/2010 3:06 PM
Hey bro...How have you been doing? Seen RedFlag around Covers at all recently?
bloodhound says:
11/05/2009 12:05 PM
#8 nobrainer 193-266-0 42.05% +6950

Congrats on a hard earned eighth place in the Dogs Only contest

Good job my friend


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