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DrDogs says:
8/29/2012 9:34 AM
lets get this money
DrDogs says:
9/20/2011 12:19 AM
you there kid
Irisheyez says:
9/01/2011 7:20 AM
I have created "Irisheyez's pick 6 weekly" contests in both NCAAF and NFL. Please feel free to join and bring in anybody else you would like. The more the merrier. I accidentally created the first NFL pool and made it last only a week, from today through early Sept.....disregard that one and get in the one that goes from Sept 6th -Feb7th. An ND football hat from the University Bookstore for the NCAAF contest winner and your team of choice for the NFL winner! We had a great MLB season long contest!!! Let's do the same now for some of our seasonal buddies that only like the pigskin!! Should be fun ya'll!! Hit me with questions if you have any. Should be easy to find on the "public pools" page.....under my name. Hope to see you in it!!!
Irisheyez says:
3/30/2011 9:47 AM
I fired up a MLB regular season contest on the MLB tab on the public contest page. Click join office pool. Click public pool. Click MLB tab and scroll down to "Irisheyez MLB Regular Season-Pick 3 daily. GL and hope to see you in the pool!!! The more the merrier, so invite your friends. Picks are open to view so we can all follow along with our friends and tail the hottest cappers on runs!!! See you there hopefully!!
Irisheyez says:
9/26/2010 12:15 PM
Ok.....let's try this again.......the 5 pack for today is Balt-12, Pitt-3, Cincy-3, Detroit+12, and Philly-2.5

The killer 3 teamer of the day is Indy, Balt and Cincy........you have to look closely at that one. God......College ball this year is gonna be goofy......

LoL....nice call with Wyoming......The threads are a vast wasteland of morons. The only thing you can do is pick winners at a solid rate, then they stop calling you out. Not a good day for me yesterday my friend.......but today brings new light!!

DrDogs says:
9/26/2010 10:09 AM
Way to crush those morons with WYoming. I dont get these junior high kids getting on threads and hating. They never seem to remember that we are here to make green not show how smart we are. Oh well keep rolling. I was very square this week going with mostly favs. Will switch in nfl. GL
hawkeyefan1433 says:
8/27/2010 11:55 PM
Not much man. I've been busy out of my mind lately and am just feeling exhausted/tired lately. But then I remember football starts in a week and Im a new man. It's great to hear from you and hope to see you a lot this year
bigdaddyhpd says:
8/05/2010 12:20 AM
Best of luck to you this season my friend. I can't wait for football to start.


DrDogs says:
8/04/2010 12:15 AM
obes didnt here a lot from you last year. lets get the large!
WiseGuy702 says:
8/02/2010 4:55 PM
What's up buddy? How you been? Yes sir, I can't wait for the season to start. MLB has been talking a toll on my bankroll. Hall of fame game coming up next sun. See you soon!!!!
obes728 says:
7/30/2010 6:01 PM
Had a very tough 2009, went through some long droughts. Final records from the start of football until the Super Bowl...

NCAA 48-48-2 -15.2 units

NFL 47-37-2 +26.3 units

NBA 6-7-1 -3.9 units

NCAA Bball 5-10 -12.8 units

MLB 1-0 +1.4 units

obes728 says:
7/26/2009 10:48 PM
in case you were wondering... my records from last year (from the start of football til opening day MLB)

NCAA football 34-28-1 +11.4 units

NFL 35-35 +16.4 units

NBA 15-4 +27.3 units

NCAA bball 6-6-2 -4.2 units

MLB 6-3 +10.1 units

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