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TheBest says:
7/26/2010 9:46 AM
ya i completely agree with u man. thank god i live in florida where there is great live action i play every day and make alot and its legit it makes it alot more fun. screw online poker
7/10/2010 6:53 PM
almost forgot. saw your post about poker on bodog. talk about some shady shit. ive gone to the omaha tables, max buyin $100. its entertaining to watch the site schills come on and work their 100 to 5,6,8 hundred dollars, clean out almost everybody with profit there, come back and repeat the same thing every few days. you have to check it out. there is about three maybe 4 of them.
7/10/2010 6:44 PM
hey thebest, hows it going? anybody with 1/4 of a brain and has played online poker for a while can see its rigged. what do you think the deal with electricldyland is? a site promoter, complete idiot or what???? give me youre thoughts. thx.
3/25/2009 2:50 PM
3/25/2009 2:49 PM
liking anything for tonight?
glefkb01 says:
3/19/2009 7:28 AM
cooling down my friend.... lets regroup and get back in there
nbafan88 says:
3/15/2009 11:31 AM
hah, im not sure who the girl is..

someone mentioned she was a playboy playmate from 2-3 years ago and thats all I know. I gotta look into it :)

any plays today?

4th-n-Goal says:
3/08/2009 3:47 AM
Got Props to you Best , Seen your Iowa selection,looked into it,liked it , took it & shared it..keep up the good work man
BlazeofHaze says:
3/06/2009 3:13 PM
The Best where are your plays of the day ?
babyrd3 says:
3/06/2009 11:17 AM
We need a make up bet. Yesterday lost because of the juice and I also because of a parley bet since I was on it with you and thought both teams would hit. It's a new day and let's get them today Best!!

Port - Loss

NO - Won

Looking forward to a monster play to get it back!!!


TAB_BOY says:
3/06/2009 2:42 AM
2Morrow hockeys...carolina hurricanes,,atlanta thrashers,,st.Louis Blues...there the ones which will win... and cleveland under 184.5......Houston and Phoenix over 224.5...........La lakers and minnesota La Lakers -15.5..........2Morrow they will win...Goodluck Guys

TAB_BOY says:
3/05/2009 10:54 PM
thebest whats the ones for 2morrow??
nbafan88 says:
3/05/2009 4:02 PM
any hockey plays tonight?
TheBest says:
3/05/2009 9:41 AM
yes i have why?
Shmevin says:
3/05/2009 2:10 AM
Have you heard of a person that post plays under the name GREENBACKS???

Let me know...

TAB_BOY says:
3/04/2009 9:45 PM
Fucking Bucksssssss;(
WiLdCaRd88 says:
3/04/2009 9:17 PM
Bucks =(
Shmevin says:
3/04/2009 6:45 PM
Did a round robin parlay with all 4 picks. Let's make this a huge day. Bank roll headed for the safety deposit box..

In addition, to the 4 play round robin parlay. I jumped on Marquette +10 and UNC over 161

GL Stack the Chips

bigsexy69 says:
3/04/2009 5:47 PM
thats early stuff dude. if that goes somewhat well. im hitting Utah and slamming the fuck outta Portland.
bigsexy69 says:
3/04/2009 5:45 PM
yo dude ive being following youre shit for the last few days and you rock. here's my shit tonight bro. we need to talk.

34892118-1 3/4/2009 4:41 PM Spread 15,450.00 15,000.00 Basketball - 504 New Jersey Nets +7 -103 for Game

34892118-2 3/4/2009 4:41 PM Money Line 15,000.00 38,250.00 Basketball - 504 New Jersey Nets +255 for Game

34892157-1 3/4/2009 4:49 PM Spread 16,050.00 15,000.00 Basketball - 554 Houston U +7 -107 for Game

34892157-2 3/4/2009 4:54 PM Money Line 15,000.00 39,000.00 Basketball - 554 Houston U +260 for Game

34892157-3 3/4/2009 4:55 PM Spread 15,000.00 38,250.00 Hockey - 52 Buffalo Sabres -1½ +255 for Game

34892157-4 3/4/2009 4:55 PM Money Line 16,950.00 15,000.00 Hockey - 52 Buffalo Sabres -113 for Game

rfkh72 says:
3/04/2009 5:30 PM
How big are your added plays?
TAB_BOY says:
3/04/2009 5:01 PM
thank u my friend thank u alot
TheBest says:
3/04/2009 4:56 PM
my 100 percent play is milwaukee +13
TAB_BOY says:
3/04/2009 4:50 PM
TheBest how are u mate....tell me which 1 are u 100% sure???

wana put big money on it to get back what i lost last night n yesterday thank u buddy ur killa at this n we all APPRECIATE what ur doing

Dogjimbo says:
3/04/2009 2:12 PM
Great job lately, BEST....Your a great capper, keepi up, bro
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