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SpartanHoops1 says:
3/13/2015 10:57 PM
Hi ryno - I enjoy your threads, a lot of good information and give and take among the boards. That is what makes this forum much better than others.

There was a system play a few years back if the first half is under by more than 12 points, play the second half over. Have you tried that or do you think it is a waste of time?

ryno23 says:
3/08/2015 9:22 AM
here is final tally for system 2015 record purposes only..
ryno23 says:
3/08/2015 9:21 AM
pre system record: system record:

full game 17-5=1 full game 28-18-1

1st half 16-7 first halfs 21-24

moneyline 8-15 moneylines 12-34

sdpace2 says:
2/06/2015 5:15 PM
Ryno, I've been following the last couple weeks. I appreciate you posting these system plays as well as your own.

There's absolutely no hurry. But when you find time, could you briefly explain or direct me to an explanation of the KenPom system? Thanks

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