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sparty444 says:
5/03/2010 1:10 PM
Advice for new bettors...or those wanting to try sports betting:

Sports betting is one of the best bets in the gambling world. If you have a knowledge of a sport/event- math understanding-patience and a strategy...yes you can have success.

What I encourage all young or in-experienced bettors to do is this... get yourself a notebook. Give yourself a 100 unit bankroll... and bet your sport for 2 months. Bet the games exactly like you would if you were betting real money. Play 3 games a day at the most... for 1 or 2 units at the most. If at the end of the trial run your doing well...your probably ready to graduate on to real money. If you are down...continue to play with the fake bankroll until you get ahead. Better to lose fake money than real money.

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