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WinsNow999 says:
6/18/2015 10:13 PM
Women WC 2015!!! Cant resisted these opportunity to make some extra money!!!! time to make

some selections for round 16. Note. This round is sudden dead....picks only with spreads.

Sweden +1.5 G over Germany

China ML over Cameroon

Switzerland + 1 over CANADA

England ML over Norway

Columbia + 1 over USA

That's all Folks....remember, win or lose ! just staying cool!!! Don't over betting it!

WinsNow999 says:
6/15/2015 8:36 PM
NBA Game 6 pick and See you at Football season. Have a winning on M LB ...season!!! All.

Game is game, win or lose is all about we had tried hard to make some money and brought

the bread onto our tables. As for NBA playoff this season 2015, Frankly , it have been fantastic!!!

We have set all time broken records of numbers of viewers; some of unknown heroes have been

created , and some broken records from LeBrone James,,,,Whats amazing unbelievable.!! Unfortunate, It will be ended at Game 6. Ladies and Gentlemen. you heard me....loud and clear. Here is my prediction scores: Warriors 99 --CAVs 96 ...Final. Good Luck...Stay Cool ...regardless win or lose!

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