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trainer4u2 says:
2/11/2016 9:02 AM
Thanks once again CFM for the add. My question is this I travel a lot around the world for holiday I've been to Prague Amsterdam Rome hungry Austria I would like to go on holiday again where would you recommend I like warm weather and beaches I've also been to South East Asia when I go on holiday it's usually for two months at a time. Thanks for the advice
csuslog says:
2/03/2016 9:54 AM
Are you taking a break CFM? Haven't seen any picks as of late. I know you'll come thru for us for Super Bowl!!

Long live CFM!!!!

FelixFermin21 says:
11/16/2015 11:26 PM
Hey bud... Great job with the picks lately, keep it up!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!


FelixFermin21 says:
2/24/2012 12:08 AM
Hope to see you posting winners again soon!!!
Hooter5 says:
2/23/2012 10:03 AM
Spain! By the beaches... Heard it was beautiful. Take care French hope to see you around.
CrazyFrenchman says:
2/11/2012 1:06 AM
I've been chilling in Ibiza for the past month. Back into it soon
Mrgwapito says:
1/04/2012 3:53 AM
that's what i'm wondering too?
Hooter5 says:
1/03/2012 9:26 PM
Where ya been French?
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