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69_Amazin_Mets says:
5/12/2009 11:33 PM
Hey SecondAgain...........






........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')





69_Amazin_Mets says:
1/13/2009 2:18 AM
You at least do it with out insults. I enjoy differing views, but SecondAgain and kujayhwk would resort to insults.

I guess they got tired of having their lunch served to them on EVERY debate.

darkhorse12 says:
1/12/2009 10:33 AM
Thanx for the add mets. I have always enjoyed bantering with you!
69_Amazin_Mets says:
1/10/2009 8:23 AM
Thanks guys.

I see more guys accused of being Mets today ( of course Bob accusations too )

SecondAgain was number one proponent of getting me banned because he could never outdebate me. I would present irrefutable facts, and he would then go hide. He would wait until he saw I hadnt posted in an hour or so, and then come back out from under his rock.

Liberals have no guts, and never want to have a fair debate, they just name call, and run away.

ApacheM says:
1/09/2009 1:48 PM
I've missed ya Pardner. Piss on PB
rick3117 says:
1/08/2009 3:51 PM
thats lame dude, did you move to another site?
69_Amazin_Mets says:
1/08/2009 9:53 AM
They banned me Rick. Everyday guys would accuse me of having aliases and finally the mods believed it. PokerBroker even made up some bullshit about me emailing with another user name.

PokerBroker didnt like when Covers team over rode one of his decisions, and had it out for me after that.

rick3117 says:
1/06/2009 9:52 AM
where have you been? are you boxed?
69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/28/2008 5:09 PM
Nice to see you visiting the box Sarasota...Of course you immediately get accused of being me.

I am going to do the same thing to you I did to Wizard, I am going to answer as "you" and see what kind of havoc I can release

I will then sign off, and not make another comment ( that was my mistake when I screwed around with wizard.

5 pm is a good time to do this...StalkingAgain and Kujayhwk are probably returning to the homeless shelters just about now and getting online


69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/28/2008 12:20 AM
Well another winning day at the Mets household.

Got the moose on the under...had it locked up until the bullshit Tenn TD and then the prevent defense TD.

still a winning day

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/27/2008 8:36 PM
Hey guys

Thanks for the emails, but I didn't check my post in the box to make sure the threads showed as submitted.

I understand what you are saying about a mod possibly deleting the Giants play, but I can't say with certainty the post got added to my thread yesterday.

I post the plays here too to make sure that nothing "creative" happens in the forums, but, I think the mods can probably edit and delete here too.

Thanks for all the kinds words

Let's keep the roll going :-)

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/22/2008 12:34 AM
LOL I can't believe how many times SecondAgain has fallen for it.

I know he probably has a low IQ and probably didn't go to college, or went to some shithole "accept anyone" college like Oregon State or Kansas, but how could he be THAT stupid to keep falling for it.


I am happy I have been winning so much money on the sports betting because the way McCain shredded Obama, and the way that Palin is taking over America, I think I will be paying you out on November 5th.

The only thing I have going for me is the MILLIONS of votes that ACORN and the dems are going to steal.

I may finally be on the right side of a fixed game. LOL

I first proclaimed it in March

"OBAMA IS A LOCK"...The third time is the charm

The dems failed to steal Florida in 2000. In 2004, the Dems stole Pennsylvania, but, didn't steal enough votes in Ohio...this time I think they will succeed at stealing the election.

SarasotaSlim says:
10/20/2008 11:00 PM
69_Amazin_Mets, it is like groundhog day, but they keep biting on the bait...LOL How many times can you pull the same stunt?

..and I remember when Michael99 thought I was you or Bob .. he claims everyone who isn't a liberal is you when they enter the Political Forum ..funnier than Hell !!

Man are you on a roll ,nice call on Washington ..0-0 at half time.. Seahawks would have made a good straight call also.......

You're right, You are going to lose our little election wager all the polls have Obama ahead ..but people don't realize that the Republicans are not home to answer the phone ...they are all at work ........LMAO

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/19/2008 12:06 PM
Sarasota, good to see you my friend.

I think I played that joke once too often though.

Remember when they said you and I were the same person, and I answered as you?

SecondAgain fell for it

Mikael fell for it

It is like groundhog day, every few months I roll it out again, and the dummies fall for it over and over.

I thought I had my Obama bet locked up, and then McCain won all three debates, and Palin slaughtered Biden.

McCain and Palin both keep knocking it out of the ballpark.

It looks like I am finally on the right side of a "fixed game" though.

I wonder if the liberal media will scrutinize an Obama win as closely as they did Bush-Gore in Florida in 2000 LOL

My guess is they will have a different agenda.

Good to see you again, stop by more often.

SarasotaSlim says:
10/18/2008 1:52 PM
Wizard Of Odds,I was following your post in the PBox and had to laugh myself at the way some posters there let the humor of 69_Amazin_Mets reply fly over their heads ...LMBO

He even posted a rolling head right after the reply saying he was waiting for all the responses......

Good luck to you, and thanks for your service to our country ..don't let a few morons make you feel like your opinion doesn't count.

Wizard Of Odds
Wizard Of Odds says:
10/18/2008 12:27 PM

Thank you for sending me a copy of the email you sent covers team a few months ago saying you were going to do something like this.

I would have really been pissed if it caused me to get boxed or banned, but since I was in the box anyway, and wont be even near covers for about a year after i deploy....Why not LOL

What did you ever do to all those guys to get them so angry?

It should be fun watching them go nuts the next few days

I took your advice, I won't even bother posting at covers again.

Maybe next year when I get back

Good luck all year, I will check in here for any suggested plays

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/17/2008 5:29 PM
Hey Wiz,

Hope it is OK I fucked around like I was you.

It didnt get the idiots as riled up this time.

I have done this 3 times now, once with Monte, once with Sarasota, and once with Timber9.

All three times the stalkers went nuts and went running to Covers help. Of course I had notified HELP of my plans in advance.

I did so this time too, but the stalkers didnt fall for it.

I did my best. Have fun with the idiots, but, I would just stay clear.

Thank you for your service to your country. May God watch over you in your deployment

God Bless the USA !!!!

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/16/2008 6:59 PM
I will fuck around a little with the idiots. I stayed out of the box because it is toxic

Check out the box shortly :-)

Wizard Of Odds
Wizard Of Odds says:
10/15/2008 5:01 PM

The Box used to be the best place on covers, now there are just a bunch of assholes there?

Is that why you aren't posting anymore?

I see the guy that stalked you here is also stalking me now>

What did you do to get them so angry?

They think you and me are the same person and now they are bashing me to

Any suggestion?

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/12/2008 4:14 PM


Wizard Of Odds
Wizard Of Odds says:
10/12/2008 12:56 PM
Disregard, I see you posted some more plays while I was typing to you.

Good luck on your plays

I am going to bet all your plays and also bet the washington game Under ( i hope that doesn't come back to bite me )

Good luck to us both

Wizard Of Odds
Wizard Of Odds says:
10/12/2008 12:53 PM
I was all over the Redskin game over, but you takked me out of it.

Any other games you can recomend at 1pm besides the Ravens?

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/12/2008 11:58 AM


I have about 5 stalkers that are that way because they can't compete with me intellectually.

I out debate them and then provide facts to bolster my arguments.

They then go crying to the mods to get me boxed or banned , so they don't continually get owned LOL

Once the haters have decided you are an alias, they will stalk you too.

Even if you present facts, they are too stupid to learn, or choose not to.

I have been on a nice run lately, hope to keep it up today.

Good luck with your plays

69_Amazin_Mets says:
10/12/2008 11:53 AM


You are now stalking me via my spaces page

What alias am I now accused of creating?

I am just posting winners at a furious clip here in my spaces page.

You know I was boxed because a mod has an obbsession with me, no sense me posting as long as he is allowed to moderate with a personal aganda

Hope you tailed all my plays, you too would be earning big bucks

SecondAgain says:
10/12/2008 8:47 AM

You are one pathetic fat man. It's so sad your whole life revolves around creating alises on a gambling website.

You're a liar and a coward. It doesn't get much lower then that

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