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Megamaniak says:
6/08/2009 7:21 PM
Good luck man... been in the P-Box... still checkin' your posts.

Stay up.

amd says:
4/29/2009 3:17 AM
Hey buddy...Yeah, I'm around. I've been doing well in hockey and the NBA so I was making a few non-baseball plays the last few days. I haven't had any kind of run with baseball so I was just laying low and watching. I like the Dodgers...I'm going to the game to watch Lincecum throw. Excellent value in getting the Dodgers at +130 against a bad offensive SF team. I'll continue to check your plays and keep in touch.
SHO says:
2/19/2009 1:45 PM
Take a lip full of snuff and watch the game. Everyday you have the opprotunity to make money.
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