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faders_inc_ltd says:
6/05/2008 1:12 AM
1653 posts. Wow BoKen you really love it here! I tell you when I left this place I asked potfy if he had seen you around to bring you in to the site I helped create. He said he hadn't seen you in a while. I figured you were gone. Even searched your name but had a space between the Boston and Ken that's why nothing came up. Anyhow. If your looking for somewhere new to try, click on the link that's bookmarked on the top of my space. We are small but we prefer quality over quantity right now. We share picks, systems, and insight to make everyone a better handicapper. Feel free to keep posting here. If you have time though, come check us out and tell me what you think. We are a new site, I am spending my free time improving it daily and it starts with populating the site with good people. Great to see you online again!
BostonKen says:
3/24/2008 12:09 PM
Bases is coming soon!!!!! Clap...Clap... You know you can't build a team like the Jets are trying to do, right? The Bills will be even tougher this year, as I expect Trent Edwards to improve ( I like him-smart player) and they shouldn't get killed by injuries again this year. Should be an interesting year in our AFC East. Good Luck to you Belicheater. I'll see you around. -Peace- BK
The_Belicheater says:
3/11/2008 3:39 PM

I understand your frustrations though! As a PATS fan, you all have to know you shot your load this year, and you wont win a super bowl for a LONG while. this was your year.

and all those old men and vets you have on the defensive side, may pass out from old man disease or exhaustion in the next couple years.

Jets sweep this year! Getting stacked upfront on the defensive end. Try running on us now!

The_Belicheater says:
3/11/2008 3:38 PM
Youre pretty smart, BK.

You were right on yesterday with the JETS comment, you had me pegged.

I tried to cover it up, but I guess CT saw it and now cap is banned =(

I stop in from time to time and i see youve said a couple times ive been appearing in other threads.

Naw, not true, but you did catch me this time. I gues you gotta be right eventually

Brian090 says:
1/21/2008 1:10 PM
I need to speak to you, you got an e-mail address I can shoot something over to you at?
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