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KOAJ says:
3/12/2009 10:04 AM
enjoy the free Jay Leno show at the Palace

that is all......

amd says:
2/27/2009 4:21 AM
Hey buddy, thanks for the add. I'm serious about Iron Mike, you and I hanging this spring/summer....amichael1371@yahoo.com...Send a note and I'll give my cell so we can drink a few beers with the Tigers.
montedamastiff says:
2/19/2009 11:01 AM
I just posted something about stop making fun of my lack of computer skills,,,,,,,,and it didn't Post,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Motherfucker
mcdrewcarey187 says:
1/26/2009 3:03 AM
hey guy. Just stoppin by to say hey to a fellow Michigan Fan
Weathered says:
1/11/2009 12:06 PM
Hey buddy. I hope all is well. It has been awhile since I have been around. Just wanted to say hi.
SecondAgain says:
12/17/2008 8:06 PM
No probs, mate. Anyway to help you guys win.

Now you can see why some places no longer offer these bets.

empire13 says:
12/07/2008 8:45 PM
Our Florida future bets will cash bro . Don't sweat it . We got this :D

Florida 42

OU 27

empire13 says:
11/29/2008 10:11 PM
SecondAgain's team sucks goat ass .

Did you take the real team to cover the 16.5 today ? I hope you did buddy .

We are 2 games away from cashing our N.C.A.A. champion future bets .

~ Word

empire13 says:
11/27/2008 7:57 PM
If you have to bet that game, then you should of bet it Sunday when it was 14 . I personally think they win by 28+ . But that's just how my numbers came up with it . Please don't bet it just because it's on TV . I do think they can cover the 16.5 . 17 is a key number , in case of a backdoor Leona . If you are going to bet this game there is only one side to bet . Florida .

Let me know if you do buddy . I'll call Urban and ask him to throw to the endzone with 3 minutes left in the game just to get it done for ya . :D

I'll send you an email with all my action for the weekend either tonight or Friday morning .

Hope you have a good Turkey day bro . I know Mom is down in Florida . You okay with that bro ? I feel like noone should be left alone on the Holidays , but you are probably knee deep in Captian Morgan right now . :0

Go Gators .


empire13 says:
11/23/2008 7:16 PM
It's not you . You are the good part of the Box . It's all the morons who are'nt in the Nation . Fuck them .

I am probably going to pound the San Diego ML . It's not that much to pay . I can get it around -148 / -149 on MB . I just feel like SD wins . Not sure they cover the 3, but feeling a close win .

I think your teasers are good . I actually feel a 1 or 2 point SD win .

I hav'nt posted in the forums in about a week and I'm not sure when I will again .

The Cards ruined a great N.F.L. Sunday for me .

Remember, emp is ALWAYS watching, so keep them fuckos in line .

~ Slams Door ~

PocketJacks says:
11/23/2008 7:03 PM
Here you bro......

I try to add what I can when I can.

Give me some info on the Indy/Diego game tonight if you have any. I have Indy still going on 3 teasers (SA special) and have nothing on the game yet.......if Indy can't cover 8.5......I am still up.....if they Cover 8.5......I am up good......do I dare try to middle?

empire13 says:
11/23/2008 6:36 PM
~ Watching ~

The box has become like the main forums .

A bunch of nit wit idiots running around .

It's not worth posting in right now .

The box needs repair .

PocketJacks says:
11/23/2008 6:00 PM
SA.....I was not able to find a book here in the states that took these bets.
PocketJacks says:
11/23/2008 5:59 PM
Per....where the hell have you been?

Haven't seen you around at all this weekend.

empire13 says:
11/23/2008 5:15 PM
When dyounger says "Coons" , he is talking about the Falcons . ~ lightbulb emoticon ~


SecondAgain says:
11/23/2008 4:52 AM
Very close in the golf this week. Beaten in a playoff in Hong Kong at 45-1 and 3rd in Japan at 25-1.

still get a top 5 collect, but a win would have been nice

empire13 says:
11/05/2008 12:29 AM
Your Team is going to get their first win on Sunday at the expense of my team ..... { Insert Handshake Emoticon Here }
PocketJacks says:
10/09/2008 7:48 PM
I don't bet or follow Hockey.......but I'll be damned if they win another Stanley Cup and I don't cash in on it.

$300 to win $1000 on Detroit to win it all.


kuddish says:
9/26/2008 12:07 AM
MILLEN IS GONE!! I know much won't change this year but it's a step in the right direction. Hope your doing well in betting. I won't be showing up to the game on the 5th. We will be downtown the night b4 for my bachelor party and will probably go somewhere. Probably deluxe lounge or the Well
binka34 says:
9/15/2008 12:14 AM
hey man you been betting this year?
kuddish says:
9/07/2008 9:54 PM
Dude, I have seem some trash in my days but the lions couldn't compare to that. They look awful. Looking like another long season.
SecondAgain says:
9/03/2008 3:51 AM
Beast, is that your email? Something on its way
kuddish says:
8/31/2008 7:04 AM
I will be in town and should be going to the Lions game oct 5th against the Bears. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weathered says:
8/24/2008 11:23 PM
Hey when you get that e-mail in the spring let me know the details and I'm in.


PocketJacks says:
8/06/2008 8:15 PM
Thanks buddy, I was looking at Kim as well.

Will probably play all of these you mentioned with a little on Phil (love cheering for Lefty).

Thanks again.

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