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Trppp22 says:
6/23/2014 11:28 AM
Can you send me your email?
nchowl says:
3/08/2009 3:47 PM
HoldenRg says:
2/27/2009 11:15 AM
what's up nc. have you heard anything on any good MLB cappers?
HoldenRg says:
2/23/2009 5:11 PM
What up nc Lets see if we can make some money on the "boys of summer" PEACE!
fatdan215 says:
2/17/2009 7:09 AM
NC no problem man you liking anything tonight
fatdan215 says:
2/16/2009 7:55 AM
NC you like anyone in the uconn pitt game brother
nuttyrich says:
2/10/2009 1:26 AM
Thanks for the comment, I love boxing, tried to add some humor to what I think isn't a good fight for us boxing fans! One Intriguing Fight which I don't see many talking about Feb 28 Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz, talk about two different fighting styles. Cannot see how Juan Diaz can win, the fight is in HOUSTON TEXAS though.
kindergartencapper says:
2/09/2009 10:24 PM
You have to look deep at it.
nchowl says:
2/09/2009 6:38 PM
I'm going with the devils and the under. Tarbabies way overdue to lose.
amd says:
2/08/2009 9:32 PM
Thanks for the add cap. You need a pic for your avatar. Google a pic then right click save then go to your my space and edit preview pic...Bol this week buddy
marksteg22 says:
2/07/2009 12:23 PM
Prez read my play of the day yesterday on the show (cornell) and they didnt cover by 28, oh well, try to bounce back today.
marksteg22 says:
2/06/2009 3:05 PM
Haven't heard back yet, looks like everyone wants in. Might have to have 2 contests.
_dude_ says:
2/06/2009 12:46 PM
thanks ncCAP - had a great night last night 7-0-1, positive 10 units. Like Cornell and Marquette OVER tonight.
nc1capper says:
2/06/2009 10:01 AM
no missed that on Mark,,may ride with ya on the big red tonite,,you are sharp for sure
marksteg22 says:
2/06/2009 4:37 AM
Thanks bro, did you pull the trigger on it?
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