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GWarner27 says:
8/18/2011 11:29 AM


Blakejeff says:
2/16/2010 6:47 PM
It's time once again for the finest pool in America. It's the Pre-Tournament Pool. All the information can be found here:

The due date is the 26th of February. March 5th for the money if you hope to win prizes.

AtlFader says:
12/08/2008 9:52 PM

I would like to personally invite you to join in my dog MAX's NCAA FB Bowl Game challenge? I have profited from your input this season; it's was my best season yet NOW, lets have some FUN.... I set it up so everyone's picks are public... that should help us to put a big Holiday Hurt on your books... GL to all who participate....

I would be truly honored to have you

just go to wagerline

office pools


"My Dog MAX "CLUCKO" Bowl Game Challenge"

TRoe15 says:
10/24/2008 10:32 PM
It's never too early to be thinking about the college baskets, G.

Best sport on earth.

TRoe15 says:
9/14/2008 9:00 AM
So happy to be released from the box.

Looks like we both had solid weeks, but Fresno missed too many opps.

Matt Kemp is my baseball man-crush, but I need to switch it to Mauer for the stretch run.

TRoe15 says:
9/12/2008 3:22 AM
G - Hope everything is going well with you so far this year.

I love your Baylor play for this week, and I hope that Griffin is starting in that one. He seems to have given them a spark.

I definitely like USC, but I don't think I'll play it. They should steam roll that shitty Suckeye team.

Good luck this week, and I look forward to actually being able to talk to you once I'm released.

Bird4332 says:
6/08/2008 11:24 AM
Whats up GW! Good to hear from you. Work has kept me busy so far all spring and now that were getting into the summer its going to get even more hectic. Baseball has been driving me crazy!! Just like Ditty says baseball wants to make you pull your hair out. I am a gambler like everyone else on here and taking a break from NCAA and Football i was getting a itch. Will def. keep an eye on your totals. Take DET to the bank though. Are you playing in the state am?? We have ours going on today. but anyways good to hear from you and take care!
coverditty says:
4/28/2008 7:08 PM
Yeah his shit is pissing me off, I was up 2 g's a little over a week ago, now I'm down a few bills...

Oh is where it is at...CBB sucks and Baseball makes you want to pull your hair is the best...

check in from time to time

Ebaylor says:
4/25/2008 3:44 AM
ive been banned from covers, ive moved onto another site, I think you would enjoy me at if you have any interest
coverditty says:
4/17/2008 12:31 AM
wasn't cake, but it went over...why do i feel u don't even check this thing GW
coverditty says:
4/15/2008 11:43 PM
take padres/rockies over tomorrow ....should be cake....
coverditty says:
3/10/2008 2:27 PM t.aspx?ID=10999

here's the quick link to eliminate some of the first few steps!!

Blakejeff says:
2/15/2008 8:33 AM
Hey man, I got a pool for you that a do every year for about the past 5 or 6 years. Check out It's $10 and it's a blast to do. Basically, you pick the conference tourney champs and the at-larges among other things. Email me if you are interested.
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