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zOrO-GZA says:
10/10/2009 10:26 AM
sup clark, no picks for this saturday?
BombaBookie says:
9/26/2009 5:00 PM
Damn-I wish you post your picks earlier!!!
Clark3232 says:
9/03/2009 11:25 AM
Clark3232 says:
6/18/2009 2:41 PM
College Football only a few months away. My "go-to" sport. Stay tuned!
LARams1979 says:
9/25/2008 6:43 PM
Saw your comments on the Uconn-L'ville thread. Hope you're right. You have the highest possible RSI, best I've seen. Hope you've made tons of money this season. Keep it up!
Clark3232 says:
9/24/2008 1:53 AM
12-3 NFL record, Jump on
thebookbuster says:
9/19/2008 12:52 AM
I was on it to and the tease. Hit me up. The razorback play is a looser IMO bit i don't make plays until day of. We need to talk looks like you have some sense. On Cardinals and ON Colorado also.
Clark3232 says:
9/18/2008 8:01 PM
NCSTATE +7 over ECU and let me tell you why. This will be the biggest game of the year for NCState and that should not go overlooked. ECU is gaining momentum and may overlook NCState even though NCState beat them last year. This game will be close with ECU coming from behind to win it in the second half by 4. You heared it here first.
Clark3232 says:
9/16/2008 12:20 PM
12-3-1 This past football weekend. Looking at the Louisville game at the moment but undecided. Looks like the public is taking KState but at the moment I can't see betting Louisville. I typically bet against the public or not at all .I never talk myself into betting a team without a great reason.
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