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chefmikeg says:
5/31/2009 12:10 PM
hey fucksuck you ok?where you been?you alive still or did the state hospital finally find you
Buggsy says:
12/25/2008 1:15 AM
Merry Christmas glennzy, hope you and your family have a great holiday !!
Buggsy says:
12/07/2008 1:09 PM
hey glennzy, where ya been buddy ? havent seen ya around much.

hope all is good !!

clepto says:
11/01/2008 4:54 PM
No shit. I think I'm going to shank somebody. LOL
Buggsy says:
10/30/2008 4:50 PM
Glennzy,,,Penalty box ? i'll look for ya post's in there , see ya soon Bud
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