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amd says:
2/06/2009 2:16 AM
Thanks for the add, drew. Lookin' forward to the baseball season. By the way, nice avatar...I could eat that ass all night long.
PocketJacks says:
1/23/2009 12:05 PM
Wow.....thought maybe if I gave you 4 more months, an answer would appear.....guess not......douche.
PocketJacks says:
10/02/2008 5:53 PM
You are dead to me until you answer my question from May.
dennishopson says:
8/08/2008 10:26 PM
What up Drew?

Hope you are doing well....please let me know what i need to do for that fantasy F-Ball thing. Sounds like a lot of fun dud

camp23 says:
8/06/2008 9:05 PM
Thanks man i appreciate the fact you dont want me dead haha some sick people out there man wow over the freakin line.... thanks for the support though, i'll be around im not going anywhere.... Camp23
Buckeyebomb says:
6/29/2008 11:38 PM
Nice work buddy...

Is that your paypal below?

PocketJacks says:
5/30/2008 5:22 PM
How did you become a Michigan fan? I see you live in CA, did you go to U of M or did you use to live in MI? That is how most CA people become Michigan fans........or is it all the Rose Bowls they have played in there (and lost most) that turned you onto them?
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