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AtlFader says:
10/05/2011 7:39 PM
If you would like a copy of my betting spreadsheet, please email me at:

PlacinUnits says:
11/13/2010 10:32 PM
Really looking forward to the AltFader Bowl Season pool! I'll be on the prowl for my third season as a top five finisher! (Was it 3rd and 4th, I can't remember...).


AtlFader says:
1/29/2010 4:40 PM
I have created a Facebook page. I would like to invite you to add me to your friends list if you are on Facebook. I am listed as "Ralph Grunz". Hope to see you on FB :) If you don't have a FB page; you are missing out on a lot of fun.
AtlFader says:
1/24/2010 9:18 PM is THE resource for serious handicappers.
PlacinUnits says:
1/07/2010 12:11 AM
Do I clinch another top three finish in the yearly bowl season challenge??? I think i do!
bamabilly says:
1/05/2010 9:55 PM
thanks, bro! i hope the tide washes over those texans, too! happy new year and good luck, buddy.
BiggDogg5n2 says:
12/26/2009 9:32 AM

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year from my family to yours...

God Bless and Increase the Peace...Steve

AtlFader says:
12/16/2009 8:28 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy Chunnakah to my Jewish friends on Covers.... 2009 was very good to me and my family. For many of us, this is the only time of the year that we can still get our diversified families together, lets make the best possible use of these times. I know that in my family, we will celebrate holidays without one of our grandparents. My wish for you is that you cherish every moment you have with everyone that is near and dear to you.... This is the holiday season that you will tell your great grand children about someday... do something worth telling them about ;) Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Men... God Bless us... everyone
FatHarry says:
11/28/2009 8:03 AM
Thanks for your kind message re: my NBA Pickem Contest! Happy Holidays!
BiggDogg5n2 says:
11/25/2009 2:46 PM

Just wanted to stop in and wish you and your loved ones a Wonderful Thanksgiving...and say Thank-you for being a cool dude...God Bless you my friend....Steve

10/01/2009 11:35 AM
keep up the good work!!! make money baby!!
AtlFader says:
9/23/2009 3:43 PM
My best email address is
ApacheM says:
9/23/2009 12:20 PM
THX for changing back to the old avatar.
Cover34 says:
9/19/2009 9:41 PM
Hey buddie..Hope you killed the books today..Keep up the good work!
pingpongfool says:
9/14/2009 3:27 PM
Hey Bro, shoot me an email and I will send you my plays.

BiggDogg5n2 says:
8/10/2009 5:37 AM
I talked with 34PaytonPlace and for some reason Covers will not let him post or even write on His page so he asked If i could let his friends know where he will posting his football plays. If you would like to know drop me a line at

3/25/2009 1:11 PM
yeah, but I made out with some cash on teh weekend after a less than steller first round. woof woof, me thinks the doggies bite back this round and I was cleaning up on 2nd H unders.
3/17/2009 7:06 PM
What up ATL, checkin back in for the Madness. Sorry I missed your invite. I'm up for some fun and games now. Let's Roll...
coverditty says:
2/09/2009 3:24 PM
we got over 50 in, need about 14 more...there is lots of interest but i want to get people w/ a good reputation so im kinda can start making seeding picks now so go ahead, there is a cap on 40 games so you can either spend them wisely or just pick 40 in the dark..all this does is do the seeds.
AtlFader says:
1/12/2009 8:34 PM
My Email is:

I would be glad to mail you my Excel SS on NBA analysis

adam071 says:
1/09/2009 11:27 PM
Contest was awesome. Thanks for having me in. 9th place isn't too bad
HotRoute says:
1/03/2009 10:23 PM
Hope your holidays went well Atl...BOL in 2009
PlacinUnits says:
1/01/2009 12:04 AM
I made a 9-2 run this week in the pool...on a come back baby.
longhornswin says:
12/24/2008 2:14 PM
Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas bud!
AtlFader says:
12/17/2008 9:45 PM
I use what I think is a fairly sophisticated Excell SS to help me cap my plays.... I use it to collect data from what I think are the best sources available... I take those very linear numbers and add logic and a "capper's logic" to them and produce my plays, no plays from.... I would be glad to share this with anyone with the understanding that it is how I do it; and it may not be right for you? OK?

If you want my bowl game SS please go to "MY COVERS SPACE" where I have posted my email; I will just reply and attach it...

GL to all this bowl season...

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