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Irisheyez says:
3/14/2011 2:21 PM

Irisheyez says:

3/14/2011 2:12 PM

I just created "Irisheyez's NCAA Tourney Pool" under the office pools tab. Go to office pools page, click on public pools, click on NCAA tab, and then scroll down to find the contest. It includes all NCAA games starting Monday the 14th........NCAA toruney and other tourneys......I didn't know who to separate them just pick away!!! Invite anyone else you would like. Rules are simple....most money at the end wins. Pick a few games....pick a bunch every's whatever strategy you come up with.....vary your wagers from 100-500......however you amass the most money!!! GL and hope to see you in the contest!!!

Chasing says:
4/16/2008 2:48 PM
Hey...I have a guy that I have been going through for 10+ years...lightning fast payouts, great customer service, fantastic lines & no post up to get started.

Email Daniel @ for all the details.

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