LuckyGuy's Playbook

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mags4444 says:
11/17/2011 3:54 PM
great picks last night! Thanks!!
glenndef62 says:
7/01/2011 10:41 AM
GL today lucky.....hope you have a winning weekend !!!
brent0887 says:
4/24/2011 1:22 PM
Man what a great day you had on saturday !!!!nicely done
BOGUS says:
2/25/2011 2:21 PM
hi're a great pronoman.....i read always your bet. I've a great passion for nhl and my site is the best in italy :-)
K4ngur13 says:
12/23/2010 7:03 PM
Good Luck & Merry Christmas to you and your family!
twmj says:
12/04/2010 2:38 PM
your canucks smacked my hawks last night! damn you
K4ngur13 says:
11/24/2010 6:06 PM
you've been awfully quiet bud ,,, whats going on?
smokenjoke says:
11/22/2010 8:31 PM
Best of luck playa!!! ;)
smokenjoke says:
11/17/2010 8:27 AM
Except for det I like em all. Gonna roll with you on that kings play

if it's not juiced. I like the kings 1st pd over as well. I'll hit you up

when locked & loaded. Bol 2 night ZOOK! ;)

smokenjoke says:
8/21/2010 1:19 AM
great call!!! cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

out with the fam!!!

holla @ ya

anthonybx20 says:
8/10/2010 6:24 PM
Hey LG, what's up bro? You taking the day off today with your picks?
smokenjoke says:
7/05/2010 10:28 PM
bol zook!!! been on ipod mode lately only can post in playbook loving the summer fishing betting winning (winning like i catch fish )ha ha but been ok caught a couple large mouth some sun saw many babes gotta love summer!!! saw nba summer league is going you on that??? any way im nice with some purp & some tequila & as hot as it is ooowwwweeeeee feeling niccceee 2morrow will be hazy with the high to be 102 across the tri-state OUCH!!!(watch out atl) its 80 now WTF ill be on ipod mode till 2morrow bol duke CHEERS
smokenjoke says:
7/02/2010 6:48 PM
rolling w/ ya on your picks didnt have time to cap so im biting your plays :) bol to ya LG lets get paid 2nite
smokenjoke says:
6/28/2010 4:18 PM
whats up zook??? what you working on 2nite???
smokenjoke says:
6/05/2010 6:34 PM
whats up bigg dogg game was tight & fla looks like a fade for a minute

put some leans up for 2morrow let me know what you think???

blstuart says:
4/17/2009 5:53 PM
Hey Lucky. How's it going buddy. Hope the bases are treating you well. I saw you added me as a friend yesterday, and was thinking maybe you wanted that RL-1 spreadsheet I'd mentioned. If so just message me with your email address and I'll get it sent. GL
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