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theclaw says:
7/05/2008 4:28 PM
Add to this the Experts sentiment which has now switched over to Federer.

I call this a "SWICTH GAME", history shows when this happens the Experts lose more than not.

For sake of comparison here's how each player rated last year, (2007).

Nadal -- 23 --- by .3

Federer -- 22.7

Nadal -- 22.25

Federer -- 23.3 --- by 1.05

Almost dead even and the match played out excactly as it should of.

Notice how much better Nadal is playing this year, Federer playing about the same.

Here's my plays .... (Keep in mind my best bet is 11 units to win 10.)

Nadal (+120) over Federer -- 4 units to win 4.8 units

Federer to win 3-2 (sets) (+450) --- 1 unit to win 4.5 units

The rating are close so I'll protect my Nadal bet by backing Fed in 5 sets. If Fed wins it'll be in 5

Don't be surprised if Nadal plays and wins much more impressively then many think.

theclaw says:
7/05/2008 4:09 PM
2008 Wimbledon Final -- Nadal VS Federer

Based on how each player is playing coming in to the final, Federer was playing better for the most part of the tournament, however Nadal has really elavated his game over the past 3 matches and is now playing better than Federer.

Nadal's past 3 matches was played on a higher level than all but 1 of Federer's matches in entire tournament.

Most Experts don't know what to look for, The Claw will break down each players matches based on history, knowing which games are more important and which are least and letting history be my guide.

Here's how each player rates .........

Nadal -- 27.65 --- Nadal by 4

Federer -- 23.65

Nadal -- 27.4 ---- Nadal by 3.15

Federer -- 24.25

It's fairly close, I wouldn't be surprised to see Federer win, "BUT", NADAL IS THE RIGHT PLAY TO WIN THE MATCH.

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