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Absolutxedge22 says:
2/16/2010 6:12 PM
Hey HMoney keep up the good hard work. I have been posting much due to heavy hours of work but keep it going man.
black-jack14 says:
11/03/2009 4:59 PM
hey HMoney thanks 4 the add, i really glad because u r really good with ur piks, hope we can fix some picks lol...have a catchy day ...
D-Gen says:
8/26/2009 1:37 PM
I think I saw that you had a slide and were backing away a bit, but if yer still here....any insightful finds for tonight? I'm liking the over 10 in Minny as my fav play. With Guthrie and Blackburn being extremely generous, and the homerdome as a venue...boom, boom! Also like Seattle tonight, Bravos RL and possible dogs with Texas and Baltimore. Best of Luck HM. Interested in your thoughts on these or any other gems you may uncover. Good Luck!
D-Gen says:
7/27/2009 2:11 PM
HAPPY HOMER BAILEY DAY!! Nice write up today HMoney. Don't know if you check here at all, but at first look, I saw this as a potentially very nice "dog day" too. Love the Tigers play along with Rays and Jays. With Danks, Stammen, Wandy, Maholm, Shields, Gallarraga, Wolf, and Romero all getting plus money....and Homer Bailey favored....there's money to be made tonight.

Det, TB and Toronto are my favs, BTW, sounds around here (in Chicago) like they may have an "out to left" wind at wrigley, which is an automatic over, keep watching. Good Luck

voxbobby says:
3/09/2009 5:20 PM
Good 2 see you HMoney - ur always welcome on my page/post man!!! I know you have been a valuable asset to the PNR forum - wish you'd try to stop by and share ur thoughts with this great bunch of cappers we have assembled there. Alot of good insight and picks - posting more winners than losers between the lot of us!!! And of course - no negative B.S. - lol.

Hope to see you again - good luck - VOX.

voxbobby says:
1/07/2009 10:07 PM
Thanx for the kind words on the board friend - hope you cashed tonight - VOX
betogarza says:
1/01/2009 7:01 PM
happy new year, my best wishes!!
bkg1010 says:
12/24/2008 1:06 PM
Merry Christmas to u and yours. I like the Irish tonight and the under.
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