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royalsfan123 says:
9/07/2009 12:14 AM
Hey bro long time no talk, any big plays for this weekend?
pantherfan-90 says:
4/01/2009 7:40 PM
what up LHW............how have you been? Can't wait opening day. Don't do hoops here. Hope everything is well.
Boom_Boom says:
3/07/2009 7:56 PM
Hey Buddy..... Just Dropped in To Say Hi.. Hope You are Killing Your Book.
TREE88 says:
1/31/2009 8:07 AM
Whats up Longhorn? Hope all is well.You vanished after the Natl Champ. game. Prob just on a well deserved break. See ya around soon.
Buggsy says:
1/11/2009 12:47 PM
hey buddy, haven't seen ya around in a while , hope all is good

i'll catch up with ya soon

HotRoute says:
1/03/2009 10:21 PM
Thanks LHW...BOL in 2009 buddy!
vegasthrowdown says:
1/01/2009 9:42 AM
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you! Hook em horns!
insatiable says:
12/31/2008 10:51 PM
Happy New Year Long Horn
phark says:
12/29/2008 2:00 PM
Thanks for the Holiday Wishes Horns, The best to you and your family this holiday season as well!
3rd_and_Long says:
12/27/2008 11:51 PM
Sorry for the late reply, I hardly ever look at my space page.

Happy Holidays!

txrocket69 says:
12/26/2008 12:23 PM
Merry Christmas bud. I miss Texas already. I am in Pa for a week and it is COLD. Best wishes to you and your family in '09
bibendi23 says:
12/25/2008 12:36 PM
pantherfan-90 says:
12/25/2008 7:27 AM
Merry Christmas to you and yours........and have a safe Holiday season as well
Bird4332 says:
12/25/2008 2:02 AM
Thx buddy and you too! Stay safe for the holidays and lets cont to rip up this BOWL SEASON!
TREE88 says:
12/24/2008 8:24 PM
Merry Christmas buddy! Lets get us some winners for Christmas!

Bol to your Longhorns against Ohio St in their bowl game as well.

Buggsy says:
12/24/2008 3:03 PM
Happy holidays longhorn...hope you and your family have a great holiday season

Merry christmas my friend, and lets try to hook up this weekend and pick some winners ...i sure as hell cant pick a winner lately , i need some help !!!

ben3496 says:
12/24/2008 8:14 AM
Happy Holidays!!!
insatiable says:
12/23/2008 3:50 PM
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your love ones buddy.
bibendi23 says:
12/21/2008 1:22 AM
Thanks buddy. Zona was huge. Still a horrible day until my book gave me an early present with Ravens +6. Almost made back my loss on Memphis. What a horrible game. Coach should be fired with the effort his team gave him. Oh well, on to Troy tomorrow!
bibendi23 says:
12/15/2008 10:36 PM
Atleast you didnt have DeSean Jackson throw an interception with a wideopen guy in the endzone!!!!!!!!!!
bibendi23 says:
12/14/2008 1:12 AM
Buffalo actually lost to Pitt 27-16. Also, I wouldnt let the Ball St. game factor into your decision making too much. They scored on 2 lucky fumble returns and had no success on offense for the most part. You know I love my Bulls and I'm not even backing them. Donald Brown runs all over them and I see UConn dominating this one
bibendi23 says:
12/14/2008 12:40 AM
Hey, I did a write-up in my Specials thread. If that isnt enough info for you I'll be happy to discuss further
AtlFader says:
12/08/2008 10:36 PM
Hey LH buddy,

Texas got the shaft, just like Georgia did last year... I think this might be one of the best Longhorn teams ever; and they will not be in the big one ;( That being said:

I would like to personally invite you to join in my dog MAX's NCAA FB Bowl Game challenge? I have profited from your input this season; it's was my best season yet NOW, lets have some FUN.... I set it up so everyone's picks are public... that should help us to put a big Holiday Hurt on your books... GL to all who participate....

I would be truly honored to have you

just go to wagerline

office pools


"My Dog MAX "CLUCKO" Bowl Game Challenge"

bibendi23 says:
12/05/2008 2:00 PM
::handshake thingy::
TREE88 says:
12/04/2008 5:57 PM
Bol this weekend Longhorn.Bowl season is a comming. And could we please go back to the chicks????Pleeeease!
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