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KingKenny13 says:
1/02/2012 12:10 AM
got a ? on an old thread
Iw1nBets says:
12/25/2011 1:45 AM
Merry Christmas my nikka
dennishopson says:
4/24/2011 3:15 AM
Hey bubba! Who's that in your avatar in the back of what looks like a Hummer limo ?
jay10 says:
4/14/2011 2:54 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by sharpstick:

It's funny to see these fucking clowns in here talking shit. How about this.... I won't post the call anymore. I'll set up a private twitter where you have to be accepted as a follower to see my tweet so only people I want to see it can see it? How about you don't play my fucking MWC games if it sucks? These clowns in here a fucking joke. I have posted 74% winners in the MWC this year, and 80% winners in the NBA Its not my fault you losers didn't believe it from the beginning and jumped on the last two MWC games. I will tell you from the beginning I won't win everyone so don't expect me to you.

Sick of these fucking losers talking shit.

And for all of the quality people with respectful comments, I apologize for the loss. Definitely the wrong side tonight, really no excuse at all accept clearly the wrong side. Appreciate the kind words for the respectful people in here who understand what gambling is about. Cheers to them!

jay10 says:
2/12/2011 2:52 AM
http://www.covers.com/postingforum/post01/showmessage.aspx?spt=22& sub=100860627&page=30
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