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glefkb01 says:
5/27/2014 5:40 PM

1. “Old Fashion Dog System”

This one has been around forever and keeps returning good money year after year. Ignore it for the first month of baseball because it depends on pitcher performances which really have no indicators until they have a couple of starts under their belts.

1. Play teams that are +100 to +150 only.

2. Eliminate games in which the underdog has lost 3 or more games in a row and/or the favorite has won 3 or more games in a row.

3. Eliminate games where the favorite has a Top 20 pitcher starting the game.

2. “Tired Road Teams”

A strong system that had results as high as 70% several years back.

- Play against a road team in game #1 of a series if it’s their 3rd or 4th straight road series if they were swept in the prior series.

3. “Double – Double Digit Games”

- Play the home team in the 3rd or 4th game of the series if they scored double-digits in the first 2 games of the series. Must be a non-divisional game.

4. “Dogs off a 1-Run Loss”

- As simple as they get. Historical numbers seem to be just above 50% but with dogs, that is a nice profit. Doesn’t matter if they are at home or away: Play a dog +100 to +150 if they are

glefkb01 says:
7/29/2012 8:31 AM

1. No bet if the line is higher than -110 for either team. Some exceptions made for -111, but I'll review as needed.

2. Pitching ERA's with 3.0 difference

3. Avoid games where the DOG is going to sweep a series.

4. Avoid games where there is a lot of line movement.

5. Wait for the line movements to stop, some times moves happen up to 2-3 minutes before game time.

6. Take the DOG

glefkb01 says:
3/11/2012 8:22 AM
NCAAB - DD dogs with totals less than 125
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