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Bruce-wayne says:
2/25/2014 10:05 PM
Hey Milk any recommendations on what betting site i should use? since bet365 isn't available in the Philippines anymore?

Appreciate any feed back bud!


gfoss59 says:
12/12/2012 3:00 AM
the top avatars at Covers - post your comments - Top-10-Avatars-at-Covers.html
Bruce-wayne says:
6/29/2012 1:14 AM
Hey buddy can you check your messages. i need help with something


Dogjimbo says:
5/23/2012 2:56 AM
Got Milk? What up. On your page reading some blog's. +)
CrazyMilkMan says:
3/06/2012 12:06 AM
@donix - no idea bro. what did you do?
donix says:
3/05/2012 4:37 AM
dang ive been in rehab.. whats the reason?
PoppinStraps says:
1/11/2012 12:51 PM
thanks for the add keep up the great work!!!
joeyacebuque says:
1/10/2012 9:54 AM
tnx for the accept dude!
SKap21 says:
1/02/2012 12:50 PM
Hey man thanks for the add.
mrassassin says:
8/05/2011 5:37 PM
no more baseball my friend??
mojo54 says:
6/14/2011 3:27 PM
Thank you Crazy milk man for accepting my friend request.. : ) My new wagering friend.. Best of luck to you...!
LeftTarded says:
5/25/2011 12:23 AM
What was your NFL and NCAAF 2010 records ATS?
LeftTarded says:
4/08/2011 10:05 AM
Thanks for all your posts!!!
kenchix says:
8/14/2010 11:25 AM
Hey man. can i have your cp number? I also live in the Philippines.. I need help :(
Lou says:
4/06/2010 8:24 AM
Hey Bud,

If you get a chance, reply back to my PM to let me know if you want that Brobury Free Play or not.

Best of luck tonight!



BiggDogg5n2 says:
7/05/2009 9:14 AM
Crazy M....

How are doing my friend?

Hope you are having a great holiday weekened.....Dogg

akison03 says:
3/18/2009 1:39 AM
good paly for today sir pls post ur early picks for todays game
akison03 says:
3/08/2009 10:59 PM
buddy i think u r lucky this days pls help me with my picks for today
CrazyMilkMan says:
2/26/2009 10:23 AM
Taking Houston +3 today
Wiseguyalert33 says:
2/26/2009 8:25 AM
Heyy, I'm staying away from NBA today, I dont like what I see....but I want 4-0 overall last night and have a lock for a 30 dime play tonight and a lock for a 10 time play tonight in college me at 484-903-7212 and i'll give it out....
MemphisMan says:
2/10/2009 12:37 AM
Hey there. Whats your thoughts about Tor/Minn game on Tues? I have Tor -2; Al Jefferson is out! So theres only K love in the paint agst the 3 big men of Tor that they play. There all 6'10 and above also. I know Tor isnt great but the have a great 8-0 ATS last 8 meetings trend agst Minn as well. Its gonna be there 1st game without Al, So with Al Jeff out I really like this play. Your thoughts plz...
MaximumWins says:
12/11/2008 1:53 AM
Take Chicago -2.5 and the UNDER
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