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LatinLover711 says:
11/17/2008 4:31 AM
Good advice - This week will be the last time I buy the Goldsheet. Although I have won on the past the Goldsheet cappers try to analyze every NFL and CFB game and I am now finding it hard to focus on a few solid picks while not trusting their key picks. In fact, just today I decided to stop wagering CFB games in favor of focusing solely on NFL and NBA wagers. That said, who do you like in the NFL this week? I see your NFL picks have been solid lately. Good Luck this week - Hersh
Guy_2U says:
11/16/2008 1:01 PM
Best advise is to do your own game Analysis and use the cappers as another source of references not to be taken to seriously.

The public cappers make more money selling you the advice then following their own picks, if they could do if successfully why be here.

Go with your game and don't take into consideration of where the public, vegas, or sharps are playing.

Bet with your head and not emotions can serve gamers well, its not easy to do.

Lead your bets and don't follow.

Good Luck!

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