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bigrazz says:
9/12/2009 9:52 AM
bet smart n not with your heart.. also route for the city your from or live in i cant stand all you fake banwagon jumping fans. like all you steeler fans. i respect the steeler fans that are from, live in or near pittsburgh or PA!! if you live in florida or new jersey or maryland why do you route for pittsburgh? route for your city or state. dont forget where you came from. also that chant "here we go steelers" is the gayest chant ever! where in the hell are you going? anyways im a longshoreman and work at the port of baltimore and were the toughest and greatest city in the world!! also the 2000 baltimore ravens defence was the best defence in history!! GO RAVENS!!! GO ORIOLES!!! and god bless america and all the veterans who fought and died for my freedom. if you think otherwise go to hell and get out of the country
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