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Waz44 says:
1/03/2015 9:09 AM
The Greatest Offense Ever !

Bettors are skeptical, as well they should be - in order too survive. Oregon, they are a system, a gimmick an angle a contemporary Georgia Tech-not exactly.

They are Mastery !

It starts slowly, like warming up your car in winter. Then they accelerate-more gas-more points. The opposition defense knows it's coming but are helpless.

They are driven INSANE. They can't keep up, they can't think, they can't line up. They blink and it's 2nd down and 3yds to go. 29 game win streaks vaporize.

Once the Duck offense get the timing down the speed KILLS.

For once in a lifetime the Heisman trophy winner is a Team leader.

The true joy is we get to see them once again.

Greatness In plain sight- relish it !

Waz44 says:
5/09/2013 10:08 AM
NBA Playoff Schedule

This scheduling favors Carmelo (Knicks)and compromises The Spurs and the Bulls.

The schedule should be flipped with Knicks playing on Friday and the Bulls and Spurs on Saturday.

David Stern please explain the disparity of this scheduling.

Waz44 says:
3/13/2013 12:11 PM
Popovich is above it all ???

For Coach Popovich

You don't put a representative product on the court - and you don't care. I don't care about season ticket holders necessarily seeing you at your best but I gamble and you have in effect 'laid down' in games to opposition that you deem unimportant. The crime here is you don't have the courage to make this an open announcement before hand.Too much heat perhaps? Believe me your insiders ,staff members leak this info to big gamblers and they score on what you covertly undisclose. How different is that from fixing a game? Spare me the Marine cover No one else does this. You are disingenuous as a result and think you are above others.

This will come raining back on your head Sir !

Waz44 says:
9/28/2010 11:08 AM
NFL Referee Fix Theory.

Find a team that has a history of penalties and then pile on them(The public will by that)

ie. Packers-record # Mon nite(80% of the money on Green Bay)

Cowboys Week #1 vs Skins)Jets vs Ravens Week #1

The refs primarily focus on one side which is superior but get broken with the penalties that ultimately cannot be overcome.

Waz44 says:
1/05/2009 10:25 AM
Colt McCoy gets his revenge(motivation)Ohio State has ZERO(0)quality wins this season.Texas beat both Okies,Missouri and Kansas.Tressel know embarrassment.Mack Brown knows discipline.Year after year the Quality of the Big 10 gets exposed in big games. Expect more of the same.If Ohio State breaks the trend of running 66% of the time they will be out of the QB's comfort zone and make a mistake(s) Texas will take it any way you want it. McCoy for a bigger night than Sanchez? Big Ten needs an infusion of new coaches,badly
Waz44 says:
1/01/2009 12:39 PM
USC lulled you (and me)to sleep vs UCLA They,like a good race horse, had a three furlong workout with the"flash dance"three scores.against the Bruins.They knew not to peak there.No they weren't initially 'thrilled' to be here again.However Penn State's apparent 'gag order'(no press quotes) hasn't fooled the USC players or coaches. Somebody on the other side is"tight"or at the very least concerned.

USC is 9-0 over Big Ten Teams in recent History covered in eight of them.The damage will happen in a flurry of activity. Penn State's back-up QB transferred out.USC's defense could smell blood and the potential for a rout is there. Sanchez must play well Darryl Clark is no Vince Young. Long layoffs tend to slow you down initially in "real game speed"-40 days for Penn St 26 for USC Remember Juice Williams last year?

The media it seems is reluctant to mention the possibility that this could be the"greatest D"of all time

In case you forgot USC doesn't just beat you"They Wreck Your Program"

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