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PuckHog says:
3/25/2011 9:40 AM
It pains you, doesn’t it? I mean, PHYSICALLY pains you… the kind of pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night, sheets bathed in sweat, heart racing a mile-a-minute. That’s what it’s like to feel that kind of jealousy; to know that, deep down inside, they’re simply BETTER than you, and the helpless feeling that goes along with it knowing that there’s not a damn thing that you can do about it. And not just any kind of better, but a DOMINANT kind of better. To know that you’re stuck cheering for a team that’s been more inept at bringing Lord Stanley’s mug home than even the Maple Leafs. To know that you’re stuck cheering for a team that, even if it were to win every game against the Habs for the next FOURTEEN years, would STILL have a lifetime losing record against those dastardly Flying Frenchmen. To know that the vaunted fallacy of the “Big Bad Bruins” has produced ZERO Stanley Cups since Nixon lied about being a crook. The pain of being OWNED.

That’s how it feels to be a Bruins fan… and for that, I truly feel sorry for you and your kind.

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