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orionshadow says:
9/22/2012 1:32 PM
Starting out, lets see how we do today. Last week went 7-1.

For the TCU-UVA Game we have:

Under 23.5

schiman says:
9/20/2012 10:46 AM
Hey -

Saw your friend request. I found a few issues w/ the spreadsheet as well. Also got all data 2009-2012 into it. Overall, nothing too solid. 2010 was the best year, 2011 was a nightmare. I even tracked going the Opposite way of the system. 2011 was great, 2010 was a nightmare.

The BEST consistency I could get across the board was to use 20.5 as the pts differential. It kept bets and losses to a minimum.

2009 - 35 bets, +7.7 units

2010 - 24 bets, +15.6 units

2011 - 17 bets, -6.1 units

2012 - 2 bets, 2units (perfect this year).

Also tried using the system this past weekend and noted how difficult it is to make it work...you basically need to be on your book for the 15min you get b/w every halftime. For those of us that have "distractions" - that's super tough.

So I'm going to use it as an extra "fluff" bet when I see the possibilities. Otherwise too hard to count on.

Let me know if you want access to the spreadsheet. It's on Google Docs

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