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Kodiakita says:
2/06/2015 9:10 PM
memphis. minn.... under 100.5
Kodiakita says:
2/06/2015 8:49 PM
Sooner.. which tracks do you go to - and wager on --- i will do a little research and let you know how my method workds there...
sooner44 says:
2/06/2015 2:48 AM
Hello Kodiakita,

I am new to the covers form, but have been reading you threads.

If you can, I would like to get your plays when you have them.

Also from reading below, I go to the horse track a lot, and would be interested in getting info on your horse racing strategy.

Kodiakita says:
8/17/2013 2:34 PM
Any you boys or girls have an interest in horse racing? I have just developed a strategy based entirely on the win pool odds.

Will be sharing it with an extremely select FEW. No joke and you can chat with me and ask as many questions as you would like.

You simply need to check the LIVE odds at or near post time - no handicapping - you will be SHOCKED at the results.

1. No traditional handicapping

2. Takes just a couple of minutes for each race. In my experience it actually takes longer to place the wager than to see if the race is a "fit"

3. I am releasing this to a few players in the U.S. as I currently use it in the U.K.

Would be willing to go through a live session with you and show you just how powerful it is.

It picks 1 out of 10 races on average. It has just under a 50% HIT RATE and the odds range from 20/1 to 150/1

We are betting into the LARGEST wagering pool at the track - the EXACTAS -

YES it works at EVERY Track on the entries list you will find at the DRF.

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