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Irisheyez says:
9/01/2011 7:40 AM
I have created "Irisheyez's pick 6 weekly" contests in both NCAAF and NFL. Please feel free to join and bring in anybody else you would like. The more the merrier. I accidentally created the first NFL pool and made it last only a week, from today through early Sept.....disregard that one and get in the one that goes from Sept 6th -Feb7th. An ND football hat from the University Bookstore for the NCAAF contest winner and your team of choice for the NFL winner! We had a great MLB season long contest!!! Let's do the same now for some of our seasonal buddies that only like the pigskin!! Should be fun ya'll!! Hit me with questions if you have any. Should be easy to find on the "public pools" page.....under my name. Hope to see you in it!!!
Irisheyez says:
3/30/2011 10:00 AM
I fired up a MLB regular season contest on the MLB tab on the public contest page. Click join office pool. Click public pool. Click MLB tab and scroll down to "Irisheyez MLB Regular Season-Pick 3 daily. GL and hope to see you in the pool!!! The more the merrier, so invite your friends. Picks are open to view so we can all follow along with our friends and tail the hottest cappers on runs!!! See you there hopefully!!
Irisheyez says:
3/14/2011 6:45 PM

Irisheyez says:

3/14/2011 2:12 PM

I just created "Irisheyez's NCAA Tourney Pool" under the office pools tab. Go to office pools page, click on public pools, click on NCAA tab, and then scroll down to find the contest. It includes all NCAA games starting Monday the 14th........NCAA toruney and other tourneys......I didn't know who to separate them out.....so just pick away!!! Invite anyone else you would like. Rules are simple....most money at the end wins. Pick a few games....pick a bunch every day.....it's whatever strategy you come up with.....vary your wagers from 100-500......however you amass the most money!!! GL and hope to see you in the contest!!!

Irisheyez says:
1/29/2011 12:11 AM
have started an NCAAB contest....it goes until March 14th.....if you win it....I'll send you an sweet ND hat from the campus bookstore.....and most importantly....if you, and only yourself are willing to get to South Bend in the fall of 2011, myself and some of my ND fanatical friends will meet you at your hotel and help you have a great weekend.....you pay to get here.....we will supply the drink, the all day party and tailgate!! If you can't make it, take the hat and run.....if you are willing to pay your way to the South Bend, me and a few buddies will make sure you don't pay a dime outside of the hotel, rental car and flight to get here!!!! Now, that should be enough to get you pickin every day!!!! Let's have some fun.....and if you are are willing to pay your way here for a weekend.......I promise to do everyting I can to make it a time to remember!!!
Irisheyez says:
1/23/2011 12:49 PM
3 units on the Bears-3.5

3 units on Pitt(O)38

2 units on St. Peter's -6.5 bball

2 units on Bears(O)42.5

1 unit four teamer with Bears, Bears(O), Ptt-3.5 and St. Peter's

5-0 pays 2 g's.....I think I've insulated this the best I can.....Worst case I lose a unit or two......hopefully!!

MuggsyBogues says:
1/08/2011 1:19 AM
Thursday Jan 6 was a sick sick day.
Irisheyez says:
1/04/2011 6:02 PM
Hey, I fired up another quick office pool for the NFL playoffs. You can find it in the public office pools tab, under the NFL tab, scroll down the list and click on "Irisheyez's NFL Playoff Pickem." As usual, I left the picks open and not hidden so people can follow the hot cappers and hopefully, make more money in the process. You can also get there by clicking on the contest on my home page. The more the merrier!!!!
Irisheyez says:
1/02/2011 1:02 PM
First wave of action.......3 unit games are KC-3.5, KC(O)43.5, Pitt(O)37.5, Detroit-3.5

1 unit three teamer is KC, Detroit and NYG-4

We'll see what the later games bring after these play out. GL

Irisheyez says:
12/28/2010 4:22 PM
Here is the insanity for tonight....

NBA: 1 unit each, San Antone-3 1/2, Boston -5 1/2

NHL: 2 units each, Pitt(O)5 1/2, Chi(O)5 1/2, Philly+129 and Montreal+152

NCAAF: 3 units on NC St+3 and Mizzu+3........Both unders 49 and 46.5 hooked for 1 unit

NCAAB: Ball St +7 for 2 units.

NFL: Philly -14 for 4 units!

GL and wish me luck......I went a little goofy on all the plays, but I feel hot as the sun tonight!!!!! I got 3/4 of the account in the water......Uh oh!?!?!?!?

Irisheyez says:
12/08/2010 5:45 PM
Hey, anybody and everybody is invited to participate in the "Irisheyez's College Bowl Pickem" contest found on the NCAAF contest page. The more the merrier!!!! Tell your friends and lets get a good group of people together for some fun. I left the the picks open so we all can follow other capers and hot capers to help our bankrolls during the bowls. Look forward to seeing you on the threads and in the contest!!! GL!!!
Irisheyez says:
12/05/2010 11:43 AM
Well that was a great day yesterday!!! WWEEEEEEE!!!!

Gonna hold onto most of those winnings and just play a few games today.

Buff+5.5 for 1 unit

KC(O)48 for 1 unit

GB -9 for 1 unit

Wrap all three of them together for a 1/2 unit 3 teamer.

Late games:

SD-13, Indy-5.5 and Balt-3 in a three teamer for 1/2 unit. GL today!!!

Irisheyez says:
12/04/2010 11:12 AM
Cincy pk 1unit

UCF-9 for 3 units

Washington-6 1 unit

Troy- 5 for 2 units

S. Car +6.5 for 1 units( my local is scared of Auburn)

V. Tech -4.5 1 units

Uconn +1 for ! unit

Irisheyez says:
11/22/2010 8:37 PM
Keep up the mojo my man!!!
Irisheyez says:
11/22/2010 8:37 PM
Xavier+3 for 1 unit

Houston(U)213.5 1 unit

N.O. -5.5 3 units

Denver+9 and the over 50 in a two teamer for 1/2 unit. GL!!!

ruxpin810 says:
11/18/2010 3:35 PM
thanks for adding me as your friend tin. i'm still with you so if you're gonna PM everyone today, please don't forget to include me, thanks. can't wait for the huge bounce back today!
kanak_attack says:
11/17/2010 8:58 PM
you 2 jinxed it FUCK. JUS JOKES. tin your fine. fuck them haters. do what u been doin. immm backin u all da way.
genguyen says:
11/16/2010 12:41 PM
on fire is right! keep it burning! thanks tin for all your plays. much appreciated. i follow your plays and enjoy watching the qtrs. thanks!
sportsrfun4all says:
11/02/2010 8:27 PM
You are ridonkeylous on fire. keep it rolling buddy.. just wanted to say thanks for the winners!
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