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Blue_Chips says:
10/21/2012 1:27 AM
Utah's qb and their coach are horrible! Do not ever take them are play any over with them.
Blue_Chips says:
9/29/2012 9:00 PM
Teams that are on the "take." They shave points. Avoid their games.

1. SMU (June Jones is shady)

2. TCU (Notoriety sometimes brings corruption.)

3. Hawaii (June Jones left a mess)

4. Boise State (Same as TCU)

Blue_Chips says:
9/28/2012 12:22 AM
Stanford and their quarterback stinks! No overs.!!!

TCU and SMU (June Jones) shave points! Maybe Hawaii too. No overs!!!

goallinebob says:
2/23/2011 4:03 PM
bluechips its goallinebob,,look me up at
Blue_Chips says:
7/06/2010 5:57 PM
This was posted by lemons420:

Play Under - Road teams where the first half total is between 65.5 and 70.5 points (SEATTLE) - very good team - outscoring their opponents by 6+ points/game, in July games

(46-14 since 1997.) (76.7%, +30.6 units. Rating=4*)

The situation's record this season is: (0-0 0 units).

Play On - Any team vs. the 1rst half line (CHICAGO) - revenging a loss where opponent scored 75 or more points against opponent off 3 or more consecutive home wins

(42-12 since 1997.) (77.8%, +28.8 units. Rating=4*)

The situation's record this season is: (1-0 +1 units).

Blue_Chips says:
7/06/2010 5:54 PM
This was posted by lemons420:

Play On - Home favorites of 2 to 5.5 points vs. the first half line (PHOENIX) - after 2 or more consecutive losses against opponent after 1 or more consecutive wins

(47-15 over the last 5 seasons.) (75.8%, +30.5 units. Rating=3*)

The situation's record this season is: (2-2 -0.2 units).

Play Over - Home teams where the first half total is greater than 70.5 (PHOENIX) - after a close loss by 3 points or less

(33-6 over the last 5 seasons.) (84.6%, +26.4 units. Rating=4*)

The situation's record this season is: (4-0 +4 units).

Play Over - Road teams where the first half total is greater than 65.5 (NEW YORK) - poor defensive team - allowing 73+ points/game on the season against opponent after a close loss by 3 points or less

(42-10 over the last 5 seasons.) (80.8%, +31 units. Rating=4*)

The situation's record this season is: (3-0 +3 units).

Blue_Chips says:
4/04/2010 8:33 PM
This was posted by JCtS:

If you haven't wrote it down yet : write it down now - I think sg00451 did.

When you see the total of 1st Half scores + 2nd half Total line and the difference is between : 20pts - 28 pts ( Of whole game ) - POUND ( play) THE OVER ! If I'm not mistaking it's : 90% or so this season

We'd ONLY loss it ONCE ( when it was like-30 pts difference) - After 5-6 wins I don't keep track it anymore -I Just BET ON IT w/o thinking ! LOL...

Blue_Chips says:
3/30/2010 3:39 PM
This was posted by robwalton:

Ok this is a 4 game system chase. Pretty straight forward once a game goes in OT, the 2 teams that were involved in the game become's system plays. Does not matter what the Total Line is just play the Over, until you have a win, within the 4 games or a system loss. I have backtracked this to the 07-08 season and here are the results. So far for this season the record is 53-1. 24 A wins, 14 B wins, 10 C wins, 5 D wins and 1 loss. 08-09 record was 128-6 and 07-08 record was 108-12. If you just wanted to play this as a 3 game chase the records are 48-6 for this year 118-16 for 08-09 and 101-19 for 07-08. I also have all the numbers for the Under also.

Blue_Chips says:
3/30/2010 2:44 AM
This was posted by gasman33 (continued):

So I will track each of the four systems and give each a letter as follows:

System A: 3 GAME ANY TEAM CHASE SERIES (213-22 +59 units)

System B: 2 GAME ANY TEAM CHASE SERIES (193-44 +61 units)

System C: 3 GAME HOME TEAM ONLY CHASE SERIES (108-8 +52 units)

System D: 2 GAME HOME TEAM ONLY CHASE SERIES (98-19 +41 units)"

...well usaKangy tracked this last year and they all profitted but System C seemed to be the "best bet" for the last 2 seasons.

I will try to keep this "system" going this year for the "System C " bets....

Blue_Chips says:
3/30/2010 2:43 AM
This was posted by gasman33 (continued):

Then apply the next stipulation...

8) Chase only teams that played the OT/SO game as the home team. For example, if Atlanta was hosting Dallas, and the game went into OT/SO, then just play Atlanta in a chase (regardless of whether they are away or home in their next game).

Doing this in a 3-game chase from the beginning of the season, chasing only teams that were at home during the OT/SO game and applying step 7, the record stands at 108-8 (+52U) not factoring the juice. This means chasing the teams that were on the road are just 105-14 (+7U). Using the two-game chase and chasing a team that was hosting the OT/SO game, the record is 98-19 (+41U) not factoring the juice. Chasing a road team in a 2-game chase is only 95-25 (+20U).

The system also does not take into consideration average goals scored for a team or against a team, so we are not excluding any teams even if they are the top scoring team in the league.

Blue_Chips says:
3/30/2010 2:40 AM
This was posted by gasman33:

Use the system as stated and use it in the NHL only:

1) Wait for an OT/SO game.

2) Look at the line on both teams' next games.

3) If the o/u line is 5.0 take the OVER.

4) If the o/u line is 5.5 take the UNDER

5) If the o/u line is 6.0+ take the OVER

6) Chase each team for 3 games (using the 1-unit, 2-unit, 4-unit method)

Here are the added twists...

7) If game is a loser, and that game also goes into OT/SO, continue playing old series as normal, but start a NEW series with that team as well. For instance, if chasing Atlanta for UNDER 5.5 in game 2 of a chase and Atlanta beats Dallas in OT 4-3, the game is a loser. Play Atlanta for the 3rd game of a chase and, in addition, play Atlanta and Dallas as 1st games of a new chase.

If you did this from the beginning of the year the series record is 213-22 (+59U) not factoring the juice. Furthermore, chasing just a 2-game series, the record is 193-44 (+61U) not factoring the juice.

Blue_Chips says:
3/16/2010 1:26 AM
This was posted by Vixen321 (continued):

Hope that is insightful for some of you. Obviously I am not saying it will work for every game and you have to be selective about which games the system will work. But this evening, Celtics and Houston were the perfect opportunities to use the system play.

The reverse can apply as well: ie if one team does not cover the first Q, chances are they will cover the second Q. Let's see what happens with Denver in 2nd Q tonite. Obviously, it stands to reason I would not try this play with Detroit tonite against the Celtics at home.

THANKS FCHU1971!! Your system made me some good $$$$$ tonight! Here's to you, in your absence!!

Blue_Chips says:
3/16/2010 1:25 AM
This was posted by Vixen321 (continued):

AS for Houston, it looks like they will cover 1st Q at home tonite. So if you played the system with Houston in the 1st Q tonite ( +1) you would have already won without having to worry about Denver coming back rest of the game ( which I may add, they are notorious for doing!!)

Let's say you lost the 1st Qs, you still have 3 more chances to come back and recoup or make a profit with the rest of the game. Chances are they will cover. Let's see if Utah covers in the first quarter tonight. I am not going to take them but let's say they don't, a good play might be to take them in the 2nd Q. Chances are they will cover the 2nd q of they are behind to Wash. Certainly, they are known for coming from behind in the latter part of the game.

So the system allows you to take teams either favs or dogs with 4 chances to win. If you like the fav, you will get cheap points instead of having to lay DDs or large number.

Blue_Chips says:
3/16/2010 1:23 AM
This was posted by Vixen for FCHU1971:

Hey all you skeptics! the FCHU1971 system plays is alive and well!

Yesterday OKL covered 1st Q and today Boston and Houston covered ( or will cover ) in 1st Q. If you read the system method from the early posts, you will understand it and realize it has its merits.

For example: perfect opp to take Boston in 1st Q tonight because 1. they are home and 2 . they tend to lose steam in 2nd half. ( potential for that is strong tonite coming off BtoB) So if you took Boston -3 1st Q tonight, you would have won already. Let's say they lost 1stQ , then you double up in the 2nd Q or play Boston again to break even. Now having won the 1st Q, you don't have to sweat it out for the rest of 3 quarters to see if their tired legs can sustain the strong lead.

Blue_Chips says:
3/15/2010 2:11 AM
This was posted by 1_Hits:

Also .. this information bellow .. you should check-out...

* Play on OVER any teams -- If their previous game went into Overtimes ( OT ) ... 60% of win

* Play on OVER any team after went into Overtimes ( OT ) as the same their last previous position ( Position is meaning as HF, HD, RF, RD ) ... 80% of win.

Note : Position as Underdogs or as Favorites .. Just about 70%

For EX: .. Previous NYK game went into OT against WAS ( Last night )

* Position : NYK as Underdog --- More deep : NYK as ROAD Underdog.

* Position : WAS as Favorite --- More deep : WAS as HOME Favorite.

Blue_Chips says:
3/14/2010 4:11 PM
This was posted by INFO PLAYS:

SYSTEM PLAY. Play Against - Road teams - off 2 covers where the team lost the game straight up as an underdog, in March games. This is a 36-12 ATS System hitting 75% since 1996.

Blue_Chips says:
3/06/2010 3:46 AM
This was posted by KineProfessor:

For those who haven't read any of my threads for the last few weeks, this is the system I created:

Play AGAINST ANY team who:

1. Is ranked outside of Kenpom's top 180 AND

2. Is at home AND

3. Is favored by 6.5 points or more AND

4. Plays in a conference that always has lined games (click on my username and click on the thread system clarification for more info)

This system should be used the last 3 weeks of the NCAAB season.

Blue_Chips says:
3/04/2010 11:45 AM
This was posted by AJSPICKS:

*System Play- Play on any team who was a home favorite and got blown out by 25+ points & is home again against a team off EXACTLY 1 WIN. System Plays @ a 34-8 ATS. Let's hope for 35-8......

*System Play - Play the OVER in any game where the total is between 180-189.5 playing 6 or less games in 14 days. The OVER hits @ over 78%, 29-8 since 1997.

Blue_Chips says:
3/02/2010 1:21 AM
This was posted by 1_Hits:

* Play against any HOME favorite team, coming-off a straight-up ROAD underdogs win

* Play against any HOME favorite team, coming-off a straight-up HOME favors lost

* Play ( or Take or Go with ) any ROAD favorite team, coming-off a straight-off HOME favors lost.

Blue_Chips says:
3/01/2010 2:35 PM
This was posted by 165yds:

I always say I am a junkyard dog and what I mean the best way to make money in this league is by taking ugly dogs getting big points. DD dogs this year are hitting over 70% for the year. I take DD dogs basically every game, this trend never gets old in this league. Whenever you get good info on this forum which is like finding water in a desert, you should write it down or keep it in your memory bank. I have all sort of random notes like this like when Orlando coming off a home loss is money(Bator). Road dog wins SU next game on the road covers (Covers). Gambling is about spots not who the better team is.

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