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9/25/2012 5:10 PM
Jlavin says:
9/10/2012 10:19 PM
SD +1 is teh play.
Jlavin says:
9/09/2012 12:55 PM
(466) Houston Texans -13

(473) Carolina Panthers -3 (+105) Sep 09/12@04:25p

(457) Buffalo Bills +3 (-125) Sep 09/12@01:00p

(480) Baltimore Ravens -7 (-115) Sep 10/12@07:00p

4 Team Parlay #262293066

(455) Philadelphia Eagles -9½

(461) New England Patriots -6

(457) Buffalo Bills +3

(475) Seattle Seahawks -3 (EVEN) Sep 09/12@04:25p

Jlavin says:
1/03/2012 3:14 PM
Mich -3 is teh play
Jlavin says:
1/01/2012 7:40 PM
Giants -3
Jlavin says:
12/30/2011 3:40 AM
Friday Bowl Games

BYU +1

BYU/Tulsu over 56.5

Iowa ST PK

Miss ST -7

(early NFL: Miami -1.5)

Jlavin says:
12/28/2011 1:25 AM
Toledo -3 For The Large is teh play!

I am 9-3 in posted for the large plays ats this year ! GLTA

Cal +3.5 Cal ML +145

ND +3

Baylor -9.5

Jlavin says:
12/27/2011 1:43 AM

Alot of very recent off the field garbage going on Purdue's way.........Hotshot Alex Carder will be ready to ride this bowl game to glory...(and it seems his shoulder is fine according to reports from W.Mich practices).....also , I feel motivation will be a problem for Purdue...

W.Mich +3 and W.Mich ML +135 is teh play

Louisville defense is the difference here......it is a shit game....but I see some value here........

Louisville +1 and Louisville ML +105 is teh play

Jlavin says:
12/24/2011 2:26 AM
The only reason Pats won last week was the fact that BOTH Denver starting safeties were out....guess who is back???...David Bruton (SS) and Brian motherfucking Dawkins (FS) ...............on top of that, Buffalo is terrible against the run....Tebow & McGahee are going to post 250 rushing yards on these fools...

Denver -1.5 FOR TEH LARGE !!

I am 9-2 in posted "for teh large" plays this year......you can thank me later......

Jlavin says:
12/23/2011 8:34 PM
12/25/11 & 12/26/11

Caleb Haney era over.....Packers HURTING BAD at offensive line......

Bears +12.5 is teh play

Not sure why this line is so skewed, I think NO needs a wakeup call here, too many ESPN analysts calling them the best team in the NFL.....they are not. They really have not dominated anyone good.......Atlanta CBs should be fine if that is the reason for this line, Atlanta is stomping bad teams (as they should), and playing close games against good teams.......The last time around even Sproles got no yardage....NO won't be able to run on Atlanta, they will pass for 300+ , but that does not mean they will win or even cover....

Atlanta +6.5 is teh play

Mizzou numba 1 offensive threat is out (RB Henry Josey) , NC only strength is stopping the run.....

Under 53 is teh play

Jlavin says:
12/23/2011 7:07 PM
Southern Miss RUN defense is by far the biggest advantage here, Nevada cannot score more than 20 when they can't run, all their QBs run as well.....also top 2 QBs limping in...top rusher Mike Ball got dismissed from team a few weeks ago......top 2 WRs limping in........its proof from the games they played against good run defenses that they are not the same team when they cannot run for a million yards (and southern miss best run defense they will face all year)....Southern Miss rolls by 2 TD....

Southern Miss -8.5 is teh play

Jlavin says:
12/23/2011 12:15 AM
And now I am 9-2 in posted "for the large" plays this year!
Jlavin says:
12/23/2011 12:15 AM
w00t! Hit 4 for 4 12/22/11!! very merry xmas!
Jlavin says:
12/22/2011 4:01 AM
Ok ladies, here we go....Boise ST is one of the most consistent, opportunistic teams in the NCAA....teams they have played that had rushing quarterbacks they have smashed....Arizona is DEAD LAST in penalties in the NCAA..(can you say undisciplined)......the only game that Boise St faltered was against TCU ( a team that knows them well AND had to really get lucky in turnover town to barely beat them)....AZ St stinks away from home as well.....The "good ol' boys" get this done and then some in Vegas people.

Boise State -14 FOR THE LARGE is teh play I am 8-2 in "for the large" posted nfl/ncaa ats this season.

Jlavin says:
12/22/2011 2:01 AM
Texans have been coughing up the ball alot lately. Yates and Foster all of a sudden has fumble-itis, and Yates throws at least one pick per game. Colts QB Dan Orlovsky has been fumbling the ball (but recovering it most of the time) which is why they have leaned on Donald Brown who has finally looked somewhat like he was supposed to, being the number 1 pick in 2009 for the Colts. Texas has No Andre Jonson, no Mario Williams, ? Owen Daniels, and no Wade Phillips which matters weather you like it or not. So here is what i see, short week conservative play calling on both sides, vanilla defense on Texas side, both teams trying to minimize turnovers but we will probably see like 3.........and alot of running plays.........

Colts +6, Colts +220 ML, Under 40 are teh plays.

Jlavin says:
12/19/2011 11:20 AM
Steelers +3 Under 38.5
Jlavin says:
12/18/2011 10:51 AM
328 Cardinals -6½ (-110)

311 Seahawks +3 (+110)

311 Seahawks (+155)

313 Dolphins (+110)

313 Dolphins +1 (+105)

319 Bengals -7 (-110)

324 Broncos +7½ (-110)

Jlavin says:
11/29/2011 3:31 PM
NFL/NHL/NCAA Early Picks for week 11-29-11

Buffalo -168

Pittsburgh -105

Winnipeg -126

Chicago -142

Vancouver -211

New England -20.5

Dallas -4.5

San Francisco -13

San Diego -1.5

Northern Illinois -3.5

Oregon -31.5

Houston -12.5

Baylor -2.5

Virginia Tech -7

Wisconsin -9

Jlavin says:
11/27/2011 7:03 PM
Went 4-1 sat (11-26-11) .......cannot believe the Maryland loss though.....they were up by 21 and getting 11.5 points in the FOURTH QUARTER.....and gave up 5 TDs to lose and not cover.....if not for that would have been a perfect day!!
Jlavin says:
11/19/2011 3:06 AM
Ok people, I am 4-0 on posted "large plays" (VT-1, SF-4, PennST+3.5 W.Mich+1.5) and I was on the right side of LSU/Bama & VT/GT

Well here is my next large play....you can thank me later.

Kansas State +8.5 for the LARGE + Kansas State ML +260

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