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jwub91781 says:
1/26/2011 1:49 PM
This upcoming superbowl is going to be the most intresting matchup in superbowl history, 2 of the top defences in the league battle for the world championship,this is a hard game to call,but with the way that greenbay is playing, and Rodgers is playing, i have no doubt in my mind that this underrated packers defence can really shut down the hardnose running attack from the steelers, the thing about the packers D is they are big playmakers with their guys up front,between big Raji and mathews they should have no problem bringing big ben and mendenhall down. i look for the packers to start picking away the steelers secondary early like they did to the bears , and also for the packers to have a consistant running attack from starks, steelers will give the packers a run for their money, but Packers will overcome the pittsburg relentless will to win.. Final score: Packers 21-17.
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