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knasty007 says:
7/28/2015 12:41 PM
I do the same....but I have 1- bankroll and its been to pay my extra bills.. 2 - years ago I won around 9500k on college hoops alone ...I had 2- local guys and was only betting 40-200 a game nothing major....then I got a job again and the betting kinda slowed's kinda hard for me because I have a local guy who only meets me once a month or the first to if I get down 400-550 I can still make it up....I might try to set up ac account with my brother in law he lives in vegas
vue21849 says:
7/27/2015 12:25 AM
Hi buddy. Just letting you know that I haven't forgotten you. We'll soon be betting with both fists as we approach the new pro and college football seasons. It appears that you can't wait. As for me, I approach each season with a bit more caution. Although, in the past ,as well as in this upcoming season. I will list a lot of selections, I seriously don't bet them all. I maintain 2 bankrolls- one for my "main" bets, and the other for lightly bet "action" type bets only. So we understand each other, the ones I give you are my personal plays, that I count on to make me my money . On the threads, I list a lot of selections, but I certainly could not afford to play them all, and still have a profitable season. That's it, pal- I'll be in touch!
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