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Poseyman says:
8/26/2012 3:34 AM
Tough past two days. I feel Sunday will be a good day, some good matchups and safe picks. Lets hope "The Freak" can tap into some of that magic tonight.

Check out my picks to see my plays, I have no highlights right now.....Gotta get a better feel for the way things are going.

Poseyman says:
8/25/2012 4:18 AM
I got both teams right on my play yesterday. However the San Francisco game went over and that was a little painful for me.

I got a new play today and I feel that this one is a for sure pick!

Im taking Washington on the under on a total of 7. Good pitching matchup and I think that Washington is looking for a win after this last game.

Also im taking San Fran on the over of a 6.5 total. It's Maddi on the mound and I feel San Fran will get their bats going.

As always, it's Poseyman wishing you all good luck on your picks and most importantly keep your head up! Regular season in the NFL is right around the corner!

Poseyman says:
8/24/2012 1:26 AM
Got a couple picks that I am very confident in.

First is the San Francisco Giants against the Atlanta Braves. I am taking San Fran on the under on a total of 7. Good pitching matchup and I feel San Fran is the better offensive team.

My other pick is the LA Dodgers over Miami on the over in a total of 7. It will be close in terms of the over/under but make no mistake, LA will get their bats going. Just off their break and I think they are ready to pounce on Miami.

Good luck to you all, and a little for me!

Poseyman says:
8/23/2012 2:46 AM
Giants sweep LA! No shock there (Sorry LA fans....not really)

Hope my team can get by Atlanta today.

We got some heavily favored teams for baseball today. Guess you gotta ride whats hot!

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