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dugdogg says:
11/04/2015 10:16 PM
hey dude where did you disappear? you lost 1k to someone and are trying to stiff the guy for hooking you up?
12/21/2014 9:28 AM
New York, New your is a great hotel to make a switch to. They have a NY style deli that is almost as good as Carnegie Deli. They also have a Pizza joint that is very good, serves NY style. A fulton fish market with great seafood (clam chowder a must). They have a Sports theamed restaurant wit many big screens, great food and memorabilia everwhere including a great collection of bobble heads. Finally they have a nice Irish Pub and Eatery with good food and a number of Irish authentic dishes. you are right next to Monte Carlo, and Aria, across te street from the MGM where the tram starts and takes you almost anywhere on the strip or a block from it including the Westgate Superbook. NY, NY is very clean and has a relaxed atmosphere. I was even comped a few meals at the Irish restaurant and America (very nice cafe for all three meals for my play in the sports and race book. I hope this helps.
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